Every day I become more convinced that there are people who were not born to be parents. If not, how do you explain what police are saying one dad did with his 14-year-old daughter? Victor Shane Scroggins has been arrested and charged with child abuse after it was discovered that he tattooed his teen daughter's wrist with the words, "Daddy's Girl." And as if that wasn't bad enough, Scroggins also tattooed her with the logo for firearm company Browning. What a complete idiot!

The worst part is that Scroggins isn't even a licensed tattoo artist, and, according to police, he still did it illegally out of his own home.

I know perfectly well how painful it can be to get a tattoo because I got one years ago. That's why I can only imagine the pain that Scroggins' teen daughter must have suffered while getting hers. But beside the pain, the biggest problem here is that this man thought he had a right to do something like this to his daughter--a permanent mark with a message that he obviously chose.

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Let's not even talk about the fact that Scroggins doesn't even have a license to tattoo, something which is very serious considering all that can go wrong if you don't get a tattoo from a legit, licensed practitioner. After all, we're talking about actually making little cuts into someone's skin.

What intrigues me most is, where was the mom through all this? I'm sure that the teen daughter saw nothing wrong in getting this tattoo, I mean, I know plenty of teenagers who would give anything to be able to get a tattoo and think they are super cool. But I am glad police arrested Scroggins and I hope his clients collaborate with the investigation so that he can get the punishment he deserves.

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Add Comment What do you think about this? Would you let your teen get a tattoo?

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