Almost a week after the body of Sarai Sierra, the Latina mom who recently went missing in Turkey, was found, her devastated husband has been faced with the impossible: breaking the tragic news to his 9-year-old and 11-year-old sons.

The children had been previously been spared the details of their mom's case. But before his wife's body was turned to New York from Istanbul yesterday, Steven said he had finally told his boys the truth. "I had to be honest, unfortunately," he said. "I told them their mommy got hurt, and she died." What a nightmare. It's difficult enough to have deal with such a huge loss, but have to then tell your own children they've lost their mother? It's just heartbreaking. 

The father also shared that Sierra is to be mourned at a Valentine's Day wake, on the 15th anniversary of the day Steven proposed to her.

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Unfortunately, the tragic announcement comes just as more mysterious details about Sierra's death emerge. A Turkish man, identified only as Taylan K., told police that he had met Sierra on the Internet about four months before her visit. According to him, the two had sex two days before she went missing and had plans to meet again, but Sierra never showed up. 

Despite these allegations, authorities say Taylan is not a suspect in the case. Investigators are reportedly seeking a boarding house owner and a carpet salesman in connection with the murder. They have already interviewed and tested at least 24 other people.

I can't even imagine what this poor family must be going through. There have been so many unanswered questions throughout this entire case and now these allegations of an affair? It must be beyond painful to have face all of this heartbreak and speculation at once. I only hope that the family is able to find strength and support amongst each other, particularly for the sake of Sierra's two young boys. My heart goes out to all of them.

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