This story is broke my heart! An 11-year-old sixth grade student named Bailey O'Neill was involved in a terrible fight with a bully at his Darby Township, Pennsylvania school. The fight occurred at the school several weeks ago when another student struck him in the face many times, fracturing his nose and causing him to fall down.  

O'Neill's parents took him to the hospital to be treated for a concussion where he was immediately released, but they could tell that something was not right. Shortly after the incident, the boy started experiencing terrible symptoms, which actually forced doctors to medically induce him into a coma.

This is such terrible news to hear that this boy became very ill after that fight. It has to be so frightening and upsetting for his parents to know that their son was not properly protected at school and now he is in this tragic state.

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According to ABC, the other boy involved in the fight was not criminally charged, but was suspended for two days after the incident. Since O'Neill's hospitalization, the school has gotten police involved to investigate the case.

The boy's father, Rob, told WPVI-TV that he recalled his son acting moody, lacking appetite, sleeping a lot, and acting unlike himself. It was only a matter of days when he started experiencing violent seizures that doctors at A.I. DuPont hospital had to medically induce him with a coma.    

Although it is unclear why the boys fought, O'Neill's parents say the boy who did this to him was a bully. School officials say they are taking the bullying incident very seriously, but nothing compares to the pain that these parents are experiencing.

Rob longs for the day his son will wake up and says: "When you get into that hospital room and you're looking at him, I would trade places in a heartbeat. It's my buddy, you know." He also advises that parents remain aware if their kids are being bullied and to take it seriously. Rob reminds parents that sometime kids don't tell them that they are being picked on because of the embarrassment.

It's so sad that these parents have to endure watching their son in this state. It's sickening how much bullying has spiraled out of control now, leaving victims like Bailey hospitalized. We hope he gets better soon and that his school and other parents take bullying more seriously after this horrific incident.

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Add Comment what do you think of this terrible bullying incident?

How can this happen in our schools. I live in Missouri. Hearing about these kind of things is very disturbing and something should be done about it. I thought years ago that there should be more guards,, etc. to protect pour children from other children that are not taught to act descent. And some have always prove how macho they are by bullying other children around. Even girls have to put up insults and shoving around. THE SCHOOLS NEED MORE PROTECTION. If that's the way it has to go,,,then that's the way it has to go. It's a shame.
Hmmmm, parents better wake up. Teach your children that it not okay. Has been an increase in kids meeting after school to fight. Parents WAKE UP and ask your kids questions about their day, about their friends, about their homework.....its pretty simple.
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