There are some things in this world that I will never understand. How a parent can hurt their own child, for example, is completely beyond me. That's why I was disgusted to learn of the 20-year-old Florida mom who became so angry at her boyfriend for leaving her at home that she ended up killing her own 6-month-old son.

According to police, Brittany Arnett was furious that her boyfriend had left her at his grandfather's house alone with the child. But instead of dealing with it like a rational adult, she took it out on her son, Hadley. Over a period of a couple of hours, Arnett reportedly slammed the boy's face on the tray of his swing and shook him. Though she later admitted to police that she knew Hadley was hurt, she also said she didn't get help because she was afraid to tell her boyfriend.

Hadley was still alive when Arnett put him to bed, but by the next morning he was no longer breathing. They took him to a hospital and medics were unable to revive him. However, investigators did notice that boy had bruises on his rib cage and a bite mark on his thigh.

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Arnett then had the nerve to share her supposed grief on Facebook, even going so far as to ask friends to donate money towards the funeral services. How sick is that?!

Thankfully, Arnett was arrested for first degree murder on Monday and didn't even get to attend her son's funeral, which happened shortly after. According to the medical examiner, Hadley died from a separated spine, brain hemorrhaging, broken ribs, and lacerations in his mouth.

Ugh, what a horrible story. I just can't understand how anyone, especially a mother, could do something so terrible to an innocent, defenseless, little baby. And all because she was angry for being left alone? If she didn't want to stay home and take care of a child, she shouldn't have had a kid in the first place! And to have the nerve to ask hit her friends up for money for the funeral on top of it? I just can't...

I'm just glad that Arnett is paying for her unforgivable crimes and is now in prison--where she belongs for a long, long time.

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Horrible thing to killed her own son over a manThere's a lot of women out there like her.

Omg this is so sad it makes me cry because i have my 5 month old baby and i would never try to hurt my baby i protect and love my baby i will give my life for her i cant believe that monsterdid that to that innocent baby so sad :(
how could any mom do such an horrible thing to a defenceless 6mo old child!! she should b beat as she did that precious baby!! n there shouldnt b any life for her. tax payers will keep her up n thats not fair to tax payers!! she was already asking on Facebook for donations n the ones that donatated didnt know SHE killed the child!
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