You would think that moms and dads would want their kids to establish an open mind and learn to appreciate diversity, but apparently that's not how the parents of Colorado's Rocky Mountain High School students feel. After a student read the Pledge of Allegiance in Arabic over the intercom on Monday, they didn't applaud the school's multicultural efforts. Of course not! Instead, they went the mature route and began freaking the heck out and hurling criticism at the principal.

It all started last year, when Principal Tom Lopez approved a student's request to translate the pledge into different languages. Students had previously recited it in French and Spanish, which had already caused controversy amongst some of the parents. But this week, when one classmate read the pledge in Arabic, all hell seemed to break loose.

"We had maybe two complaints worldwide after the French recital," Lopez told MSN News. "We had numerous complaints worldwide after the club read it in Spanish." Now, he is saying parents are accusing him of pushing an Islamic agenda. Are you kidding me?! That's just plain stupid.

I'm getting worn down a little bit by how intense [the critics'] sense of hate has been represented," Lopez said. "When [the students] pledge allegiance to the United States, that's what they're saying. They're just using another language as their vehicle."

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Exactly! I don't understand how this could possibly be viewed as a bad idea. They're teaching kids to look at something familiar from different perspectives, a concept that everyone should practice. And it's not like they're drilling them on Arabic words or Spanish conjugations all day long. It's something that probably takes up a minute at the beginning of the day and can actually help bring new attention to the meaning of the pledge's words--particularly because by high school, students have recited it so many times that they don't even think of what they're saying anymore.

If anything, I think this school--and this principal--should be commended for their efforts. Contrary to what many believe, the U.S. does not have one official national language. It's time people grow up and accept that. 

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The whole idea of granting citizenship to immigrants is that they WILL assimilate American culture...not the other way around. Every country requires that of their immigrants.
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