In one of the most bizarre stories I've heard all week, a 29-year-old Orlando, Florida man was arrested after he tried to force his fiancée to swallow her diamond engagement ring! Um…I know wedding planning drives people crazy but this is a little extreme, don't you think?

Apparently, Faron Thompson was driven into a fury when his unidentified fiancée told him she no longer wanted to live with him. According to the police, she was arguing with Thompson and moving her things out when she realized she left the engagement ring on the kitchen counter. When she went back to try and get it back, Thompson had the ring and tried to force it down her throat while pinning her down! What a lunatic!

Thompson also allegedly threatened to burn her house down, covered her nose and mouth so she couldn't breathe, and pushed her against a wall while she was holding a 1-year-old child. The woman managed to escape, fleeing to a local Walmart with the toddler, who was only in a diaper and shoes.

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After alerting the police, Thompson was located and arrested on charges of battery via strangulation and child neglect. However, he denied the allegations, saying, "Women always claim assault, but never accept responsibility for provoking someone."

Are you kidding me?! So his girlfriend decides to leave (probably for a good reason seeing as her fiancée is clearly psychotic), he viciously attacks her, and it's all her fault? How convenient for Thompson.  Does he not remember that he tried to make her eat her own engagement ring? While a baby was present, no less? I'm just glad he was arrested and that the woman and child are safe. 

In any case, it's probably safe to say that the wedding is (hopefully) off! 

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How in the world is it her fault ?

what could happen to her if she got married to him.  Happy she didn't do it.

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