Every woman dreams of her wedding day and hopes to have a fairy tale celebration complete with a cute flower girl, ring bearer, doves--you name it. But would your ideal wedding venue orproposal spot be Taco Bell? Yes, I'm referring to the popular fast food joint where as we have learned, many couples have taken their vows there.

As shocking as it may sound, this wouldn't be the first restaurant to accommodate couples for their nuptials. If you remember, the Denny's in Las Vegas has a chapel so you can get married amid the scents of pancakes and sausage. I guess these wedding venues work if you're into that sort of thing…

I have a confession to make: I've never had Taco Bell in my life. You would think as a Latina that at some point I would have savored the meaty goodness that is Taco Bell, but alas I haven't. So, it's one of the reasons I definitely not a place where I would even consider getting married.

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But I'm in the minority here, as a spokesperson for Taco Bell told Huffington Post that a lot of dedicated and loyal fans have asked them to host their weddings and other events. They've even gone as far as posting their wedding pictures on Taco Bell's Facebook page commemorating their special day.

Denny's just might have some competition then because if Taco Bell has this many fans willing to exchange vows with burritos and chalupas as witnesses, they may get a wedding chapel too! I have to admit, the personalized hot sauce that read "Will you marry me?" with the engagement ring around it is kind of cute.

There are even some couples who renewed their vows at the fast food joint and others who dropped in before going to their reception. I guess this is ideal for those couples who are looking to save money on catering and still invite all their friends and family to the wedding.

I wouldn't be surprised if McDonald's or Burger King for that matter start following this fast food wedding ceremony trend too. But if I were to choose a fast food joint to get hitched, I'd probably go with Shake Shack, because, c'mon, who can resist their burgers and shakes?  

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no hell no!! lol that's just sounds crazy, besides, I had never eat at a taco bell before.. (and I don't have intention to)

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