This week the world will celebrate Juneteenth, a holiday in the US that honors African American heritage by commemorating the abolition of slavery. Celebrated on June 19 (hence the name), people of all races and religions in cities across the country celebrate the day by reflecting on a tumultous period of history that has influenced society even today.

And since Latinos are such a diverse population, we decided to honor the occasion too by paying homage to 5 of the world's most renowned Afro-Latinas. These ladies not only have succesful careers, but are also able to fully embrace both sides of their heritage with style. 

5 amazing Afro-Latina celebs!

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Zoe Saldana

Known for her starring role in the films Avatar and Colombiana , actress Zoe Saldana was born Zoe Yadira Saldaña Nazario to Dominican and Puerto Rican parents. In a 2010 issue of Siempre Mujer Magazine, Saldana shared her thoughts on racial categories, saying: "I'm just Zoe. Not a little bit Dominican, not a little bit Puerto Rican, none of that silliness... As a Latina, I think we should be very proud of our heritage. We tend to look for European roots and reject the indigenous and the African, and that is disgusting. Being Latin is a mix of everything. I want my people to not be as insecure, and to adore what we are because it's beautiful." We 100 percent agree!

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