Dead baby found in high school toilet


Woodrow Wilson High School in Dallas, Texas was swarmed by police on Friday when a dead baby was found in one of the bathrooms. Sometime around 2:30 p.m. a student notified a janitor that there was a dead fetus in the girls' bathroom on the second floor. Police came after being called and the bathroom was treated as a crime scene. Campus surveillance video is being reviewed and police are talking to teachers as well, to see if the suspect can be identified.

This is crazy! Does it mean that a student gave birth in the bathroom and just left the baby there?

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Pastor crisitiano MATA sin piedad a jovencita de 14 años


Pensé que lo había escuchado todo en cuanto a los pervertidos cristianos, pero ésta historia me tiene con el estomago revuelto. Un pastor cristiano en México mató de la manera más brutal y salvaje a su novia, porque la encontró teniendo relaciones sexuales con otro. Lo peor de este asunto no es como la mató, pero la clase de relación que tenían. Yo la clasifico como el abuso de un depravado pedófilo y ahora te digo porqué...

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Huge celebrity nude photo leak proves no one's sexy selfies are safe!


A "hacker" (I'll tell you why I use the term in quotes later) being referred to as the "original guy" leaked stolen cellphone images of nude celebrities which include Jennifer Lawrence, Kirsten Dunst and Ariana Grande. It's unclear how these images were accessed. All that is known for sure is that this anonymous criminal posted the photos on the website 4Chan and after FBI started investigating, went online to say that he (assuming it's a guy) didn't do this cybercrime on his own. Oh well then, I guess if you didn't do it alone, it isn't so bad. DISGUSTING!

This is when us regular folks sigh in relief that we aren't famous because OH MY GAWD, how awful is this and how can we protect ourselves from something like this happening to us?!

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Adolescente muere misteriosamente en brazos de su entrenador

No me puedo imaginar el dolor de esta familia. Hasta ayer, Miles Kirland-Thomas, un adolescente de 16 años, era un prospecto de jugador de fútbol americano. De hecho, ayer llegó corriendo a la práctica. Llegó retrasado porque por el feriado federal no había transporte público que lo llevara al campo deportivo. Por eso se fue corriendo, incluso por una empinada cuesta. Como llegó tarde, su entrenador le ordenó hacer sprints. Pero después de dos vueltas, se paró. Estaba hablando con su coach cuando Miles se desplomó y lo que sigue es una historia que ninguna mamá quisiera tener que escuchar.

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Man decapitates himself after fighting with ex-wife

A Chicago man decapitated himself after getting into a fight with his estranged wife in Virginia on Tuesday. When authorities arrived at the scene to answer a domestic dispute call, they discovered the 46-year-old man in a Ford Explorer attached to a trailer nearby, which was on fire.

When firefighters approached the vehicle they discovered that the driver had a cable wire wrapped around his neck that was also tied to a nearby tree. The officers begged the man to surrender, but instead he hit the gas. The car crashed and he was decapitated instantly.  

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Nurse takes shocking selfies moments after stabbing


Naomi Greenslade is a 22-year-old dental nurse from Wales who was volunteering in orphanages in Morocco was brutally stabbed by a robber while she was making her way back to where she was staying after a night out in Marrakesh. It's not an exaggeration to say that she narrowly avoided death and the crazy thing is that she wasn't even alone. She was with a group of friends, which included three men when the brazen robber approached her and  put a butcher knife to her chest. She says, "I knew he wanted my bum bag which I had around my waist. I refused to give it to him. He tried to plunge the knife into my chest but I managed to jump back. But he slashed me."

Oh, he more than slashed her! He cut a huge gash from her left hip and down her thigh. You are not going to believe the images. Be warned that they are very graphic and upsetting.

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Woman swallows stolen ring & you HAVE to see the photos

People do the darndest things for money. A 25-year-old woman from Utah was arrested on Friday along with her accomplice for stealing an expensive ring from a Zales store at University Mall. But the story doesn't end here. Christina Schlegel and Bryan Ford fled the store but were eventually confronted by cops and you're not going to believe where this woman chose to hide the ring!

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Madre desnaturalizada descuartizó a su hija y la razón te dejará helada

Estoy horrorizada con esta historia porque cuando alguien mata a un niño ya es una cosa terrible, pero cuando es la propia madre quien es capaz de ejecutar tal acto de maldad, a mí me resulta incomprensible y estremecedor. Esta mujer, Yulibeth Pereira de 34 años, cometió el acto más horrible que puede cometer una madre, mató a su hija de 15 meses de nacida, con total premeditación y sangre fría. Sigue leyendo porque esta escalofriante historia te dejará sin aliento.  

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Muere ENTERRADA viva una niña de 9 años


Una niña de 9 años murió sin que nadie pudiera salvarla. Fue un espantoso accidente que ha dejado marcada la vida de sus pobres padres. La familia se encontraba de vacaciones en la playa en Oregon, donde ocurrió la peor pesadilla de unos padres. Un grupo de niños jugando en la arena cavaron el clásico hoyo, la pequeña se introdujo y segundos después las paredes del hoyo se colapsaron enterrando a la niña frente a los ojos atónitos de todos. Lo que dio paso a esta tragedia, es aún peor.

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Hermanos tienen sexo y los arrestan, la excusa es ¡INCONCEBIBLE!


Una pareja de hermanos fue arrestada por andar merodeando en las cercanías de una iglesia en Georgia. Lo que la policía descubrió es aberrante. La pareja cometió incesto y, después de haber sido arrestados, aceptó haber tenido relaciones sexuales después de haber visto una película romántica. ¡Vaya excusa!

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