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Sicko stole girls dead bodies & turned them into dolls


Anatoly Moskvin is a very eductated historian who speaks 13 languages. To say that he is smart is an understatement. It would not be a stretch to call the 47-year-old Russian a genius, but you would have to qualify it by adding the word mad in front of genius because this man is a creepy, disturbing mad genius who robbed the graves of little girls and turned the dead children into dolls. What he did is one of the most disturbing things I have ever heard of and makes my entire body shiver with fear and disgust.

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Man who decapitated his mom & kicked her head down the street looks angelic in photo


A photo has finally surfaced of Derek Ward, the 35-year-old man who decapitated his own mother, 66-year-old Patricia Ward, on Tuesday evening, kicking her head into a Farmville, New York, street before jumping in front of an oncoming train and taking his own life. In the photo, Derek appears almost angelic, no sinister energy behind his gaze. And, while many have been quick to portray Derek as a monster, those close to him insist he was simply a troubled man fighting a mental illness and that, due to some systematic hiccups regarding our medical system, he was not receiving proper treatment. His actions may have been monstrous, but he himself was no monster. If anything, he, too, was a victim.

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Decapitó a su madre, echó a rodar la cabeza y luego se suicidó


Al leer esta noticia me quedé helada. Dereck Ward, de 35 años mató a su madre Patricia Ward, de 66 años a puñaladas, la decapitó e hizo rodar su cabeza por una calle neoyorquina.  Los vecinos no se imaginaron lo que ocurría y al principio se armó una gran confusión. Pero era un episodio tan real como la vida misma. El final no pudo ser más trágico y doloroso.

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Man has a fish stuck in his butt & you won't believe how it got there (GRAPHIC VIDEO)

Life has a funny way of showing you that you shouldn't stick a lungfish up your butt. That's exactly what a Brazilian man did and the eel-like fish got stuck in his anus. I guess he wanted to make himself at home! The mystery man was taken to the hospital, where nurses laughed at him for being such an idiot. Pretty unprofessional, but I have to admit he deserved it.

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Padrastro adolescente asesina a niño de 2 años porque estaba chiflado


Si hay una fórmula segura para el desastre, es la combinación de adolescentes, embarazos, convivencia y bebés. A mí no me gusta generalizar, pero no creo que es descabellado asumir que algo puede salir mal. En el caso de un par de jóvenes y un bebé de dos meses en México, la palabra mal se queda corta. Lo que pasó fue una tragedia.

El padrastro de un bebé de dos años lo mató a golpes y que porque lloraba mucho y "estaba chiflado". Es una declaración insólita, pero cuando te cuente las edades de los involucrados vas a pasar del horror a una tristeza infinita. Prepárate.

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Maria de los Angeles Pineda Villa: 5 Things to know about Mexico's first lady of murder

This woman María de los Ángeles Pineda Villa is what nightmares are all about. It has been over a month since 43 college students in the city of Guerrero, Mexico went missing. As parents and family pray and mourn for the disappeared, Mexican investigators arrested four suspects who are part of the Guerreros Unidos drug gang. They combed through a woody and mountainous dump in the Cocula section in town, but it turns out the crime is not related to a major drug pin. Reportedly, the town's first lady María de los Ángeles Pineda Villa has become the most wanted woman in Mexico for being behind the entire cruel scheme. 

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Brittany Maynard may not end her life on November 1st


Brittany Maynard launched an online video campaign on October 6th with Compassion and Choices. She was fighting for expanding death with dignity laws nationwide and spoke openly about her own choice to end her life with medication prescribed by her doctor, which is legal in some states for certain terminally ill patients. She even moved to Oregon along with her husband, mother and stepfather, specifically so that she could do this. She essentially put an expiration date on her life, November 1, 2014.

This was the date that she had chosen but now she might be second guessing herself. Well, not so much second guessing as playing it day by day which, when you are terminally ill, I think, is the only way to play it. 

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Teacher has threesome with student then tattoos her face & name on her body!


Another day, another idiot teacher stands accused of having an affair with a student. This time, the bad apple maestra is Michelle Smith White, a 37-year-old married woman from North Carolina who allegedly had a threesome with a 15-year-old student and her husband. Pretty crazy, huh? Well, it gets even crazier. According to investigators, White was so obsessed with the student that she went ahead and got the girl's name and likeness tattooed onto her body. Wow, if this is true, then she excels at being a complete and utter moron.

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Graban la "broma" más horrible de Halloween que verás en tu vida


¡Bromistas del...!, hubiese dicho mi papá y es que estoy a punto de mostrarte una de las bromas de Halloween más pesadas que he visto en mucho tiempo. Y no podía dejar de compartirla contigo porque pese a que este tipo de bromas me chocan, me parece que fue de lo más creativa. Te puedes imaginar un tipo persiguéndote en un estacionamiento con una sierra eléctrica, chorreado en sangre y después un hombre sin piernas y un brazo todo ensangrentado, detrás de él pidiéndote ayuda. ¡Es para morirte de miedo!

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Scary ghost caught on video at police station, freaks out officers

Do you believe in ghosts, apparitions and supernatural beings? If you do, this video is right up your alley and if you don't, you might change your mind after you watch it. I'm telling you, if a ghost is going to show up anywhere, it will be in this police station. Detective Karl Romero was busy watching the footage from the security cameras at his Española police station in New Mexico when he spotted a ghost figure moving inside a highly secured area.

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