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Family says final goodbye to baby as he dies from brutal beating

Sascha Marie Garcia returned after a long day from work to her apartment in South Miami and found her severely injured child. She immediately called the paramedics and the baby was rushed to Miami Children's Hospital where was declared brain dead. Her boyfriend, Antwan James Sawyer was arrested and will face murder charges.

Baby Andres--was sweet, loving and full of life in his five months on the earth. Now, he has died fromt the brutal beating he recieved at the hands of his mother's boyfriend. This makes my blood boil because I just don't understand why the mother left her baby with that guy. Clearly he wasn't "babysitting" material and the mother should have known better.

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Convicted killer murders fiance, eats her brain

Joseph Oberhansley, a convicted murderer, allegedly stabbed and killed his fiance Tammy Jo Blanton just days after she posted bond on one of his arrests. This is the thanks she gets?

Oh but it gets so much worse! After stabbing her to feath, Oberhansley feasted on the victim's brain. It seems like a scene from Hannibal, but unfortunately, this story is all too real. 

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Pediatra desgraciado abusó de sus pacientes con cáncer

Myles Bradbury es un pervertido pediatra hematólogo que abusó sexualmente de sus pequeños pacientes enfermos con cáncer. El desgraciado médico se aprovechó de su profesión para examinar, grabar, vigilar y violar a dieciocho víctimas que estaban internados en el hospital y bajo su cuidado. Las víctimas eran niños de once añitos que estaban hospitalizados porque estaban luchando contra el cáncer.

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Selfie tattoo is one of the worst you'll ever see!


I've seen all kinds of tattoos: beautiful, exaggerated, ugly, stupid and then this one. And, it looks like I'm not the only one talking about it because the majority of the comments on the site where the photo was shared were critical. Then again, it's no wonder. I swear, if I see someone with such a disastrous tat the last thing I'll ask is whether she was drunk or high when she got it done. 

Believe it or not, someone got a tattoo of a selfie! No, I'm not kidding! Someone took a picture of a selfie to a tattoo parlor and asked the artist to ink the image on her skin for life. Check out the picture, in case you don't believe me. Some selfies are tragic because they end in death. This one's tragic too, but because it's so ridiculous.

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HIV-positive teacher had unprotected sex with student & that's not the worst part!

What on earth is wrong with people? You really never know who is teaching in your child's school. An HIV-positive music teacher was charged with sexual assault after being caught trying to sneak out of a 15-year-old student's home in Texas. The teen's mom noticed Roger Kessler trying to leave her house from the backyard and called the cops thinking she was reporting a burglary. What she didn't know then was that the 43-year-old man allegedly had unprotected sex with her son.  

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Madre de 4 niños viola a su vecino mientras él dormía

Amiga, espero que estés sentada cuando leas esto. Cuando nos enteramos de historias de violaciones y de violencia sexual, por lo general las mujeres son las víctimas y los hombres son los victimarios. Aunque los hombres suelen decir que lo contrario también ocurre, tendemos a pensar que se trata de mujeres que incitan a menores a tener sexo con ellas. Pero la historia de hoy involucra a una mujer hecha y derecha y a un hombre que denunció que fue víctima de una violación en su propia casa. Y ahora hasta hay una orden de arresto en contra de violadora: una mujer que pesa 240 libras, tiene 28 años y se llama Chantae Gillman.

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Django Unchained actress mistaken for a prostitute & arrested for kissing white husband


According to Daniele Watts, an African-American actress who appeared in the Quentin Tarantino film Django Unchained, she was handcuffed by police officers who mistook her for a prostitute because she was kissing her white boyfriend. Imagine getting arrested for kissing your husband in public?!?! It's totally insane. Well, apparently these LAPD officers don't think it's too crazy.

I seriously can't make this up!

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Rapist forces pregnant victim to breastfeed him

Kevin Gibbons stalked, kidnapped and raped two women for over a decade, all while reading passages from the Bible to justify his bizarre behavior. According to the victim, Gibbons said that he "lived by the word of God and practiced his teachings."

Hands down, this is one of the most horrifying crimes I've heard of in a long time and I'm not alone in that sentiment because a detective said that Gibbons was one of the most aggressive and vile criminals he's seen in a long time.

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5 Shocking reasons why parents kill their children


The internet has opened my eyes to horrors I never could have imagined. One of the most shocking to me is that there are parents out there who willingly kill their children. It seems so contrary to human nature, so unbelievably wrong, and yet it happens all the time. In fact USA Today examined FBI data and found that on average 450 children are killed by their parents every single year. That's more than one child a day you guys.

What drives parents to kill their own children?

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Nació después de que su mamá había muerto y ahora lucha por su vida

Megan Doto estaba sentada en la calle cerca de su casa, cuando de un auto que pasaba comenzaron a salir balas. A sus 26 años, dedicaba su vida a cuidar a sus dos hijos y a prepararse para la llegada del tercero. Tenía ocho meses de embarazo. Ya hasta le había escogido un nombre, pero en uno de esos casos de estar en el lugar errado, en el peor momento, jamás conocerá al pequeño Carmine Joseph.

Megan Doto cayó abatida por un pistolero que no tenía nada que ver con ella y que intentaba matar al hombre que estaba a su lado. Aún no se sabe si por casualidad. La historia es terrible.

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