Pregnant mom of 4 dies from something that can happen to ANY of us


A pregnant mother of four young children died Monday from a sudden aneurysm brought on by a series of bee stings.

Thirty-two-year-old Sarah Marie Schulzetenberg Harkins was working in her backyard when she was stung by a swarm of bees. Panicked and swollen, Sarah raced back into her home and asked her husband Eric to call an ambulance. Sarah, who was 21 weeks pregnant with the couple's fifth child at the time, collapsed before the EMTs could arrive.

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Abigail Hernandez: Horrific details emerge about teen's kidnapping


The case of Abigail Hernandez goes on and it gest crazier by the day as more details are revealed about what happened to the Latina teen after she vanished last October 9 on her way home from school in Conway, New Hampshire. Very little is known about what went on during the nine months the teen was gone, but 34-year-old Nathaniel Kibby was arrested as the prime suspect in Abigail's disappearance. Now the prosecutors have released photos of an above ground bunker which they believe Kibby used to hold Hernandez against her will.

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Girl runs to neighbor covered in blood after seeing mom's murder


Talk about a scene right out of a horror movie, only it wasn't a movie at all. A frightened 5-year-old girl, Jessica Frantes, covered in blood was found pounding on the front door of her home in Winslow, New Jersey after midnight by her 19-year-old sister, Maria Bongco, screaming, "Mommy is DEAD!"

The small child had just witnessed her mother, Jennifer Bongco, be beaten and stabbed to death by her boyfriend, Kevin Ambrose. He then drove the little girl home and dropped her off before leaving to Atlantic City.

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Teen killed by her own hair!


It turns out driving with your hair down and the window open can be disastrous: Caterina Alzetta, a gorgeous 19-year-old Italian teen, was driving with her brother Pietro when her hair got tangled in the steering wheel making her lose control of the vehicle and crash. Unfortunately, her injuries were too serious and Caterina died hours later in the local hospital in the town of Montereale Valcellina.

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Teen raped at concert as crowd looks on & records video

A teenage girl was reportedly raped in front of a large crowd during a Keith Urban concert last Saturday. Worst yet, several people recorded the ordeal on their smartphones, rather than stepping forward to help the young woman. What is wrong with people?

The alleged assault happened on the lawn of the Xfinity Center, an outdoor amphitheater just outside of Boston, Massachusetts. There were approximately 18,000 people in attendance, only one of whom had the decency to step forward and intervene.

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Teen loses all his teeth to cancer, heartless insurance refuses to help

Two weeks ago, 16-year-old Alex Hunter made the difficult decision to have his 19 remaining teeth removed after years of chemotherapy left them feeling brittle and loose. Alex had hoped to replace them with a new pair of dentures right away, but his insurance denied his claim. Can you believe that? It's not like he's looking for some sort of flippant cosmetic work, he actually needed these dentures because he suffered from a horrific disease. You won't believe how this brave young boy and his family fought back though...

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Teen abandons newborn, waits in bushes until baby is rescued


Jeff Kopp of Diamond Lake, Michigan was walking his dog on Monday morning when the dog started pulling him over to a satellite dish by some bushes. Kopp thought the dog was going after a bunny or some kind of critter, but what the dog led him to was a baby about six hours old with the umbilical cord still attached. He started yelling for help from his wife and daughter and he shouted for a neighbor to call 911.

Amid all this chaos, a teen walked up to the scene and said, "'I am almost 15 years old and if I ever had a baby, I surely would not do something like that." Except it appears she did because she is the suspected mother of the baby who was abandoned. What?!

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2 Babies, abuela viciously killed because of Facebook


It used to be that you just had to worry about potential employers peeking into your Facebook page and then suffering consequences, but that'll pale in comparison to what a Pakistani mod did to members of the Ahmadi sect--all because of an allegedly blasphemous post one member posted on his Facebook page. A 7-year-old child and her baby sister were killed along with their grandmother in the rioting that ensued.

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Joven de 21 años se mata mientras se tomaba una "selfie" para Facebook


Oscar Otero va a pasar a la historia como el protagonista  de una las fotos selfie más trágicas de la historia. Es que no puedo creer lo que le pasó mientras estaba de parranda en casa de unos amigos. Como todos los chicos de su edad decidió capturar el momento con su celular para ponerlo en Facebook. Lo que parecía una idea inofensiva se convirtió en tragedia por un terrible error, pero el que juega con fuego....

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WATCH: Heart-stopping video of 2 women nearly killed by train

Take a deep breath! I don't really know if these two women are spiritual, religious or if they believe in miracles, but I'm assuming that after their near death experience, they will be. You have to see this video to believe what I'm talking about because it's really hard to swallow. The nail biting footage from the security camera of a train in motion shows two women struggling to get out of the train's way and failing. The next thing you know the women were drowned by the engine, but a miracle happened you won't believe--you just have to see it!

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