Why I'm addicted to Pinterest

It started out during a particularly quiet lunch break on a Friday a few months ago. After hearing about new virtual pinboard website Pinterest, I went to the site while finishing a sandwich at my desk. “Organize and share the things you love,” it told me. But I wasn’t ready to make a commitment to another social media site just yet, so I settled for browsing.

Having never made a physical pinboard in my entire life, I didn’t think they could capture my attention. But as someone who loves cooking, crafts and fashion, I was hooked almost instantly. It’s never been so easy to find and share beautiful photos that can inspire you to redecorate the bedroom, buy a new fabulous shoe or bake an incredible dessert.


So what exactly am I using Pinterest for? Well, it allows you to create as many virtual pin boards as you want and pin the items you find interesting. A pin is an image added to your Pinterest account using either the "Pin It" button or uploaded from your computer. From there, you can pair together similar pins on a board.

Pinterest boards are typically arranged by topic. Mine include one on places I’d like to travel, recipes I’ve made that I am really proud of, home decorating projects that I’m inspired by, shoes that I’m currently obsessed with, and cute animal pictures that make me smile.

I’ve become addicted because it’s just so much fun to share photos that I love and to see what others have posted. I found my next haircut thanks to Pinterest (which I got done while visiting my family for the holidays), instructions on how to make a cupcake that looks like a burger, and sunset views that felt like a meditative moment in a busy day.

It’s easy to get lost in the virtual world of pretty photos, whether I’m looking at wedding dresses just for fun, adorable pictures of ducklings, or admiring someone else’s new kitchen gadget. I draw inspiration for my own life, whether I actually buy that cute stuffed bunny for my friend's baby or not. Either way, it’s always a fun way to spend an hour. Or five.

Do you make inspirational pin boards or have you tried Pinterest yet?

Image via Thomas Hawk/flickr


on Feb 13, 2012 at 9:59 AM

EStoy en el mismo tren, adicta pero conciente, pierdo de 1 a 3 horas por manana revisando q es nuevo y ahora q invite a todas mis amigas es una competencia de quien pone el post mas cool en face sacado del pinteres y la verdad soy muy competitiva, no me mal entienda adoro el pinterest me ayuda muchimo con mi trabajo, esta lleno de inspiracion y encanto pero me quita tiempo para ejecutar mi trabajo diario y ni q decir de todos esos fabulosos proyectos tan faciles de hacer, por el momento tengo mis productos de limpieza a base de vinagre y las tarjetas de Valentine's 3D para mis hijos, ha!!! y un horrible dolor de espalda por estar sentada todo este tiempo. 


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