Setting out to live a joyous and peaceful life requires a lot of work. To attract peace and happiness into our lives, we must be intentional with all that we do and how we live. The things around us affect us in deep ways, so making sure that we maintain our environments in such a way that they attract good energy and positive things into our lives is key. Your home, for example, should be a place where you can let your hair down and be yourself--and the moment you step in the door, you should feel nothing but calm and tranquility. 

The way we decorate our homes and the things we bring home with us should all serve a purpose. There are strategies and practices like feng shui or the Marie Kondo method that show us that everything we have in our homes serves a purpose. 

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There are different ways to attract positivity and happiness into our lives, and making sure that we decorate using purposeful items is key. Whether you add elephant or ladybug decor all over your home or burn incense and sage, make sure that everything is done with the intention to ensure that you are welcoming only good things inside. 

Wherever you live should be your happy place, and the things you own should add to that happiness. If you need daily reminders and affirmations to stay present and grateful, what better way to do that than with the decor inside your home? Scroll through and find some must-have items for the home that are sure to help bring joy to each day. 

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It's common to find elephant symbolism in people's homes. 1

And there's a reason for that! Elephants are said to bring strength, good luck, and harmony in the home decorating practice of feng shui. Most people place them with their trunks facing inward, while their backs face the door. 

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Use your throw pillows to make a statement. 2

This Mainstays Family Rules Decorative Throw Pillow will do all the talking so you don't have to. The cute message is a set of family rules to live by, and it serves as a good reminder to your family of what is expected of them. 

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A cute poster can always help as a good reminder. 3

This is the reminder to keep the negativity outside of your space. Not only is this Good Vibes Only poster in pink chic and modern, but it also reminds you to make sure to keep your space full of items and people who bring you good energy and joy. 

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Plants are a great way to liven up your home and ward off bad energies. 4

Ferns are said to remove negative energy from any room they are placed in. A plant like a fern cleans and absorbs harmful toxins in the air.  

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Himalayan salt lamps are popular these days. 5

This Natural Hand Carved Himalayan Pink Salt Lamp is perfect for decoration and for its supposed health benefits. People who use these salt lamps believe that the lamps clean the air in your home, help with allergies, boost your mood, and help you sleep.

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Save this pillow for your favorite room in the house. 6

Whether it's your bed, your couch, or your reading corner, add this "Happy Place" decorative pillow to remind yourself to be present and enjoy the moment of being exactly where you are. 

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Treat yourself to comforting things! 7

If you love to read or watch TV in bed, this Mainstays Long Hair Faux Fur Backrest Pillow is what you need. Give your back a rest, and sit back and enjoy a good book with this adorable pillow. 

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Gratitude is something that should be present year-round. 8

The state of gratitude is really where all true joy and happiness comes from, right? Add this chic "Grateful" sign to your wall to bring you back to focus and keep you being thankful for all that you have so that it creates more abundance in your life. 

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Having a mug that brings you joy is a must. 9

Whether you are sipping tea or coffee, a sweet message on your mug is a good reminder to slow down and enjoy the moment. 

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Incense has multiple purposes. 10

Aside from making your home smell amazing, incense sticks are said to have spiritual properties as well. It is believed that the smoke from them can dissipate a negative energy inside a home or any space. If you don't believe in that, they will at least have your place smelling great.

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Typography wall art is pretty trendy in home decor. 11

This Typography Wall Plaque Art is gorgeous for any room in your home. The message "Love Dwells Here" will remind you and your loved ones that no matter what, love exists where you are. 

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Words have the power to encourage us. 12

Fill your home with encouraging words and positive messages that your brain will get accustomed to seeing, and eventually it will become an uplifting part of your day. This "You Make It Happen" three-pack poster set will keep you going forward with all your goals! 

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Cover your home with self-affirmations. 13

This "You Are Loved" plaque will look much better than a Post-it stuck to your wall. Leave yourself little messages all over your home that will keep you centered and instantly spark joy.

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Ladybugs are known to bring good luck. 14

What better way to invite such a lovely and fortune-filled symbol into your home than with this adorable Ladybug Tufted Accent Rug? You can use it in the bathroom, playroom, or your kid's bedroom. 

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Send a message with your doormats. 15


Set the tone for your home starting from the outside. Try this Natural Peace Outdoor Mat and inspire your family and guests to know that peace lives within.

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This pillow knows what life is all about. 16

This decorative throw pillow is colorful and bright and absolutely adorable! Add this splash of color to your living room, and let the message to "Enjoy the Little Things" in life guide you. 

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Keep the love flowing in your home. 17

Uplifting messages in the form of wall art will fill your house with the positive energy and feelings you need. This "Love Grows Here" sign is powerful and also really pretty. 

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Invite peace into your child's room with this duvet cover. 18

This super-cute duvet cover with a huge colorful peace sign in the center would look great in your daughter's room. 

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White candles are said to have healing properties. 19

White candles are good to have around the home to clear the energy around you. The white candle is said to represent happiness and unity and is also said to protect, purify, and heal. Always have some ready, and make sure they smell amazing like this Glass Jar Candle of Cashmere Jasmine.

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This welcome doormat will bring everyone joy. 20

This bright and cheerful doormat will bring happiness to anyone who enters or leaves your home as soon as they step on it. How welcoming is that?

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