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Don't put away your Christmas tree just yet if you haven't already done so. For those of us who are procrastinators and are still dreading the time-consuming task of taking down our tree after the holidays, there might be a loophole for you to leave it up just a bit longer! Valentine's Day trees have taken over Instagram, and it's a fun way to extend the use of your tree while also making your home look festive to celebrate the day of love. For those of us who love the holiday season, it's also a good way to make it last just a little bit longer.

The red and pink shades will liven up any room and remind you and your family that the holiday is not meant to celebrate just romantic love but all kinds of it. All you have to do is swap out the festive ornaments and bows from the Christmas season and replace them with hearts, roses, and any V-Day-inspired decorations you find that will fit your theme. 

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People have been sharing their creations online ahead of February 14, and they look so adorable. They are getting super creative with the theme and really making good use of their trees. This latest tree trend gives those who love home decor a reason to adorn their spaces and turn them into a Valentine's Day heaven. It's also a fun activity to do with your kids and let them get creative with what they want to place on their trees. Together you can create crafts or go shopping at your nearest discount store for cute and affordable V-Day accessories to turn into ornaments. Scroll through to see so many gorgeous Valentine's Day trees and get some inspiration to transform your own.

This one filled with conversation hearts is just so cute. 1

"I L💗ve conversation hearts! Here is the 2nd of the 3 Christmas trees I converted to Valentine trees! I simply removed the Christmas ball–ornaments and replaced them with conversation hearts I picked up at The 99 Store and More! I then replaced the Christmas elves with Valentine fairies 🧚‍♀️! So easy!! I smile every time I walk past the family room😀! It is such a happy tree!" the creator shared on Instagram.


This tree decor is so elegant. 2

"Welcome to Valentine’s 2018 at Turtle Creek Lane ❤️ I had so much fun creating this year’s look!! I’m hoping to start a new trend where we don’t have to take down our Christmas trees until well into spring! This is the first of three trees I left up for Valentines! Each tree is VERY different but all fabulously Valentine! I’d love your feedback on all three.... stay tuned for the other two, as well as tons of fun decorating ideas!! Hugs, Jennifer."


This woman's daughter was LOVING the Christmas tree idea. 3

It can be a rough time for a kid to see you taking down the Christmas decorations, so this mama surprised her baby by extending the holiday with a V-Day-themed tree. She wrote: "Valentines Tree?! ♥️💗😂 I'm starting a new tradition in my house because well, we make up our own rules and you should of seen Ella's face while her and I stayed up past our bedtime to make this happen. (You should of seen her face when we were taking Christmas down 😭) What can I say she's her mommas girl and boy do we love Christmas trees! Thanks to my sweet husband for never complaining that our house looks so girly 🤪🤩💗♥️."

This one is so understated and so beautiful. 4

It doesn't have to be an explosion of red and pink for it to qualify as a Valentine's Day tree. This one simply has tasteful white hearts around it, and it looks gorgeous. "My Valentine’s Tree✨💘✨Even though my hubby & I have never really celebrated Valentine’s Day, I’m always looking for a reason to keep my tree up longer haha! 💖," she captioned her post.


Pink trees make the transformation so easy. 6

Pink trees have been a huge trend for Christmas in recent years, and they work perfectly if you wish to transition it into a V-Day tree. Look how pretty and lively it looks. 


This person added some gifts under the tree. 7

Just because the Christmas gifts have long been opened doesn't mean you can't add a little something new under the tree like this person did. A few boxes of Valentine's Day chocolates are more than enough! 

This pink tree is so pretty! 8

This tree of hearts can really work for both holidays! You can save some time and money and just decorate it this way from December through February. 


This hair salon put its tree to good use. 10

In order to decorate the salon for the February holiday, this salon just made use of its Christmas tree and added some V-Day decor. Pretty smart if you ask us!


So many people are doing V-Day trees for the first time. 11

This tree is really decked out with some awesome ornaments! The V-Day garlands are such a cute touch. 

This house has its own little corner of love. 12

This person really went all out with decor for Valentine's Day. They even got their dog to pose for a pic to show off the results. So cute!


The red and white ribbons are so fitting. 14

We love how this tree looks with all its pink and red decorations. The ribbon falls down nicely, and there are so many details in the ornaments that really make this a great tree.


This tree was extra festive. 16

This might be a little too busy for most people, but this person really loves her some Valentine's Day decor! We don't blame her; it's a celebration of love, after all. 


This tree is made of flowers! 17

This person gets the award for creativity! They created an entire tree made with real pink and red flowers, and it looks so lovely.


Who says every holiday doesn't deserve its own tree? 19

This small white tree seamlessly transitioned into a Valentine's Day tree, and it is just the right amount of extra we could all use in our lives.

This tree was decorated with so many sweets. 20

In lieu of presents, this tree was surrounded by candy and all types of sweet treats underneath. The kids will definitely love this idea.