Jenni Rivera and Nick Lachey Encino mansion
Splash News and The Agency

What do Jenni Rivera and Nick Lachey have in common? Aside from being performers and singers, they both lived in the same mansion in Encino, California. Not at the same time, of course, but still. You see what happened is that after Jenni Rivera's tragic death in a 2012 plane crash, her estate sold her former mansion to the 98 Degrees singer and his wife Vanessa Minnillo in 2016. Now, it appears that Nick and Vanessa are ready to move on and are quietly selling the mansion.

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Jenni Rivera originally bought the home in 2009 and had it remodeled. Sadly, she only got to live in the home for three years because of her untimely death. According to Chiquis Rivera, Jenni's eldest daughter, the reason the estate had to sell the home was because the more than $6,000 a month that it took to maintain the home was no longer financially feasible.

The home was listed in 2015, and in 2016 Nick and Vanessa bought it for $4.15 million, which was slightly below the asking price. Now, word has it that the couple is trying to sell it as an off-market listing via Craig Knizek at The Agency for $7 million. Wanna take a look at what that kind of money will buy you? Of course, you do!

Behold the double staircase. 1

As soon as you enter the mansion, you are greeted by a glorious double staircase. When it was Jenni's home the staircase had more ornate wrought iron railings than it does now.


These are not high ceilings. 2

These ceilings go beyond high. They are more like soaring ceilings and allow for magnificent windows.


That refrigerator is ginormous. 3

It's big enough to sleep in! Not that you would want to, but you totally could.

The living room area is directly adjacent to the dining area. 4

The living room area is directly adjacent to the dining area.

The open floor plan makes the common areas seem even bigger. It also makes for a great space to throw a dinner party.


The house also has an informal dining room. 5

Just off to the side of the kitchen there is another area that is more for everyday dining. It's still huge, though.


Watching TV in this room must be amazing. 6

This den/TV room is a dream. Not only is there plenty of space to lounge, there is also an incredible view.


There is plenty of room to play. 7

Looks like Nick had a game room set up that opens to a beautiful yard. This means you can go from playing pool indoors to swimming in the pool outdoors because yes, there is a pool on the property.

Is this a man cave or a movie cave? 8

Perhaps it's both. Notice how this setup features three TVs so you can watch all the sports all at once, if that's your thing.


There's space for a gym. 9

There's space for a gym.

Why go to the gym when you can have one at home? You could just get a personal trainer to come over and guide your workouts because if you can afford a place like this, you can afford a personal trainer.

This bedroom is incredible. 10

This bedroom is incredible.

It's bigger than some people's entire homes. There is space for a king size bed, two sofas, a coffee table, a huge TV, and then some.


Here's another one of the seven bedrooms. 11

Though not as large as the master bedroom, this one is not short on space. It's big enough to have a full-size refrigerator in it.

The home is on a sprawling lot. 12

The nearly 10,000-square-foot home is on 4 acres of property. There is plenty of outdoor space to take advantage of.


The Lacheys wrote the Riveras a sweet letter. 13

The Lacheys wrote the Riveras a sweet letter.

Nick told ET that when he and Vanessa bought the place, they wrote the Riveras a letter. "It was a very, very special home to them and for them to have to part with it, I can only imagine. It was a very emotional process," Nick said. "We just wanted to make it clear that it's a special home to us as well and all the great memories that they have, we hope to create our own memories in their honor."

How great would it be if the Riveras could buy the place back?