Michelle and Barak Obama
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In June, it was reported the Obamas would spend time in Martha's Vineyard during August. This isn't a surprise as they've been known to do this, but what would make this summer's stay different is that Michelle and Barack Obama would be staying at the residence of Celtics co-owner Wyc Grousbeck on a different area of the island than where they usually stay. Well, the former president and his wife liked Grousbeck's property so much that they have bought it. When you see it, you'll understand why they would want to buy it.

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The property had been on the market since 2015 and was initially listed at $14,850,000. However, the Obamas have acquired it for $11.75 million. The custom-built home sits on almost 30 acres of land that has direct access to Edgartown Great Pond, an 890-acre coastal pond on the South Shore of Martha's Vineyard. The main residence itself is almost 7,000 square feet of luxurious wonderfulness. Aside from the main residence, there is a boathouse, and the surrounding property has to been seen to believed.

Take a look for yourself.

Behold the home and the surrounding beauty. 1

It's gorgeous, right? The home has so much surrounding land that you would never have to worry about nosy neighbors straying onto your property.


Have you ever seen a front yard like this one? 2

Not only is it huge, it has its own private path to the water. The location of this home could NOT be better.



The home was built with so much attention to detail. 3

Built in 2001, the home includes two guest wings. Wings, people! Not rooms, wings!!!

It must be hard to decide whether to dine indoors or outdoors. 4

Of course, the home has plenty of dining areas, but when the weather is perfect, eating outdoors seems irresistible. Perhaps the Obamas could add some shade in this area.


The property includes private beach rights. 5

There will be no tourists traipsing up and down this beach. It belongs to the property.



It's not all beach. 6

There's also a pool on the property. Not interested in heading to the beach or going for a boat ride? No problem, the pool is perfection.


Get ready for the kitchen. 7

Look at all those cabinets and storage space leading up to the kitchen. The refrigerator blends into the cabinetry flawlessly.

This kitchen is fit for a professional chef. 8

It has everything a professional chef could need or want. Fortunately, you don't have to be a professional chef to use it.



There's a perfect little bench dining area. 9

On one side of the kitchen, there's a long table with benches that slide under. It's the perfect area for breakfasting or snacking.

There's also a bar and stool area. 10

This is great for cooks who like company while they cook. Friends and family can hang out, enjoy drinks, and chat without getting in the way.


Surround yourself with views. 11

This dining area lets you get a gorgeous view of the outside. During the day, natural light floods into the space.

The home has two stories. 12

Here you can catch a glimpse of the grand staircase leading upstairs. You can also see the door to what appears to be a half bathroom.


Is this the foyer? 13

It's SO big! It's like its own party room. It's the just begging to be filled with mingling guests.

Now, this is living! 14

The foyer leads into a very large living area big enough for multiple couches. Not only does the space feel large because it is, but the ceiling draws your eyes up and makes it feel even larger.


Take a look at it from this angle. 15

The windows and glass doors give you a great view of the outdoors. No need to hang any paintings when you have views like these.

The architectural details are incredible. 16

No matter where you look, there is something interesting to see. The ceilings and that huge pillar are phenomenal.


Indoor games are welcome. 17

There's a swimming pool outside and a pool table inside. Hang out, watch TV, and play pool in this lovely room that has its own fireplace.

There's plenty of space for informal chilling. 18

You could also curl up with a book in that window seat. If you get sleepy, it's easy to stretch out and take a nap.


A sitting area designed to encourage conversation. 19

We love how this area is set up. It's perfect for a pre-dinner or post-dinner chat.

There's an indoor patio with a fireplace. 20

Indoor patios are great. They give you the feeling of being outdoors without having to deal with bugs, too much wind, or getting too cold.


The master suite is to die for. 21

As you can see it's large and has a sitting area. It also has its own fireplace, but that's not all.

The master suite leads out to a private deck. 22

Now that Barack and Michelle have bought this place, they can enjoy a little private time out on this here deck. They could sip their morning coffee out here.


At night they might want to get in the hot tub. 23

Yes, the deck comes with its own hot tub! What couple can resist a romantic soak?

His and hers sinks in the bathroom. 24

Think of all the fights that would be avoided if no one had to share a bathroom sink? No waiting your turn, no getting annoyed with someone else's mess.



Did you notice that the his and her sinks aren't really side-by-side? 25

The are on opposite sides of the counter from each other, giving each person plenty of space. That's a nice little detail.

Get a load of this bathtub! 26

You can look outside while you bathe. It looks like a mini-spa. It should have a faucet that dispenses sparkling wine, don't you think?



The second bedroom still has plenty of space. 27

This particular bedroom seems rather luxurious. It's very spacious.

This bedroom is kid-friendly. 28

Malia and Sasha are too old for this room now, but they would have loved it as kids. The bunk bed setup is so cute.


This bed nook is EVERYTHING. 29

Don't you just love how the bed fits perfectly into the nook by the window? And the built-in cabinets are genius.

And, just to remind you where the house is situated. 30

The residence is incredible in and of itself. The property is breathtaking in and of itself. The residence and the property together are beyond spectacular.