Tristan Thompson new home
Trulia, Tristan Thompson/Instagram

Tristan Thompson dropped $6.5 million for a luxurious mansion in Encino, California. Tristan plays basketball for the Cleveland Cavaliers and you may have noticed that Cleveland, Ohio, is nowhere near California. So why would Tristan buy a home in the Los Angeles area? Perhaps to be closer to his ex, Khloé Kardashian, and their daughter, True

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Tristan and Khloé may never get back together again as he's done a pretty thorough job of destroying his credibility by cheating, but that doesn't mean they should be out of each other's lives. How can they be when they share a daughter?

True is still such a baby. She's only 1 year old and she needs love from both of her parents. Tristan may have screwed up his relationship with Khloé, but hopefully he has sense enough not to screw up his relationship with True.

The mansion that Tristan bought is only about 25 minutes away from where True lives with Khloé. We're thinking the proximity of the place has something to with why he bought it. Oh, and also because it's freakin' spectacular. Take a look!

Here's an aerial view of Tristan's new digs. 1

It looks nice, no? Notice that there is a rather spacious pool house behind the main house. It's a lot of home for a single man, but hey, Tristan can afford it.


There is plenty of parking available. 2

There are three side-by-side garages that could conceivably fit six cars or there's all that space outside of them to park. No matter what, Tristan or his guests probably won't need to look for street parking.


There's a pool house. 3

We're cracking up over here because the pool house is listed as a "mother-in-law" apartment. We find it funny because the closest thing that Tristan has to a mother-in-law is Kris Jenner, and we just can't picture her living in Tristan's back yard, can you?

Can you guess the style of the home? 4

It is a Cape Cod style home built in 2018. That makes it pretty darn new. Wonder if it still has new house smell? Is that even a thing?


You think Tristan likes to grill? 5

Grilling seems like such a dad activity. But if Tristan isn't a griller, we're sure he can hire someone to do the grilling for him. It would be a shame to waste this grilling area by the pool.


Check, please! 6

Get a load of the checkerboard marble in the entryway. The marble leads up to the wooden floors of the dining room rather nicely.


Here's a view from the front door. 7

It all seems very light, airy and well lit. Not sure that walking right into the dining room is so great, but it is beautiful.


The built-in storage units should come in handy. 8

This particular built-in unit by the entrance might be a nice place to store puzzles or games for True. As she gets older, she can head over and help herself.


Here are more built-in storage units. 9

This particular unit might work for storing some of True's toys and games. It would be nice for her to know where things are, too.

Hopefully, Tristan likes wine. 10

Speaking of built-ins, the place comes with a wine cellar that you can stroll on into. It's gonna take a whole lot of wine to fill up that space.


Bring on the dinner parties. 11

A lovely dining area should be used for dinner parties or birthday parties! Imagine True celebrating a birthday at this table, surrounded by friends and family. Make it happen, Tristan!

Chilling by the fireplace is a must. 12

Not that the San Fernando Valley, where the home is located, ever gets very cold, but you could turn up the air conditioning just to have a reason to turn on the fireplaces. The home has three: one in the living room, one in the family room, and one in the master bedroom.


The pantry is HUGE! 13

The side-by-side fridge comes with the place. It's big, but not as big as the pantry next to it. So much storage room!


There are more bathrooms than bedrooms. 14

There are eight bathrooms in the home: seven full and one half. As for bedrooms, there are seven.


The office area has another great built-in. 15

Looks like Tristan won't be needing to go to IKEA to buy shelving units for his home office. As you can see, the room already has its own shelving unit.

Tristan and True can have family movie nights! 16

Can a mansion in Los Angeles really be considered a mansion if it doesn't have a media/screening room? We're thinking no. Tristan's new mansion is ready to host some killer family movie nights. Maybe Tristan's 2-year-old son, Prince, whom he shares with Jordan Craig, could join them?


Of course, there are bedrooms aplenty. 17

If Tristan is going to be living in this place alone, he could sleep in a different bedroom every night of the week. There are seven, after all.

Getting from one story to another is luxurious. 18

Whether you are making an entrance or exit, this marble staircase lets you do it in style. Tristan better keep an eye on True when she's over because you know how much kids love to go up and down stairs when they're crawling.


True could have sleepovers in this room. 19

If True ever spends the night, she could invite one of her cousins to come along with her and sleep in the same room. Or when she gets older, she could invite a friend from school.

Look at this bathroom! 20

Why would anyone ever want to get out of that tub? Maybe just to go lie on that loveseat. This bathroom is a marble masterpiece.


Now, do you believe us it's a marble masterpiece? 21

Have you ever seen a shower like this? Have you ever showered in a shower like this? If so, good for you, because WOW!

The closets aren't too shabby, either. 22

We believe that the closets in heaven must look a little like this. Except the ones in heaven are filled with shoes, purses, and everything you could possibly want to wear.


Here's another heavenly closet. 23

You would think one ginormous closet would be enough, but nope. Why have one heavenly closet when you can have two?

Here's a view of the master bedroom. 24

The master bedroom has two closets and two bathrooms attached. WHAT?! How posh is that?


Join us on a video tour. 25

Press play and let's go for a video tour of the place together. It's really a breathtaking home. We hope that Tristan uses it to create beautiful memories with his daughter True.