Jennifer Lopez gives us a glimpse inside her New York apartment

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Jennifer Lopez has been inviting fans into her life more than usual thanks in part to her new YouTube channel. She gave her viewers an inside look at her getting ready process before the CFDA Fashion Awards in a video she shared on Wednesday, June 5, and she also gave some inside glimpses at her stunning New York apartment. When she listed the penthouse for sale in October 2017, we got to see the listing photos of the apartment, which is truly fit for a queen.

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The actress was filming as she got ready for her big night since she was the recipient of the Fashion Icon Award. While she's the main focus in the video, it's hard to ignore just how pretty and luxurious her place is. She filmed a video for the 2019 Met Gala inside the pad, but this new clip gives a better look at her beautiful house. The decor is chic and modern, while the kitchen and living space are definitely made for a superstar like her. 

She shared a video of herself getting ready for the fashion event.

The video takes place in her luxurious apartment in New York, and it follows Jen from the moment she finds out she has won the award to the day the awards ceremony takes place. There are shots of her in hair and makeup, and the gorgeous apartment can be seen in the background. It's absolutely breathtaking. 


She has access to a patio right from her apartment.

If there is one thing that's hard to find in New York City, it's a home with an outside space. Jen has a little patio that both her and A-Rod's kids probably take full advantage of. There's nothing like a New York summer, and we hope they spend plenty of time there.


You know your home is gorgeous when you can have full-on photo shoots in it.

The floor-to-ceiling doors that lead to the terrace provide so much light that makes the home perfect for photos. Jen took full advantage and had a full photo shoot before heading to the event. The lighting was perfect for her orange dress.

A-Rod was in the kitchen filming his own videos.

This kitchen is the stuff of dreams. We love everything from the wood floor to the island, the modern and stylish chairs, and the bright green plants. Alex was so proud after hearing his girl's big news that he jumped out of his seat to congratulate her. So sweet! But on a side note, who needs that many wine glasses?


There are more views of the kitchen while the couple hugs it out.

Behind Jen, there is a gigantic wine fridge that is built into the wall. While it looks like she's storing more than just wine in there, it definitely elevates the look of the kitchen. We expect no less than this from J.Lo, but this is definitely a great and luxurious feature to have in the home. 

Jen has her place decorated with photos of her and her loved ones.

She has a lovely little shrine by the stairs with some beautiful photos, and it's decorated with fresh flowers and candles. It has been rumored that flowers and candles are a requirement for the superstar, and they for sure create a calming vibe in the space.


As soon as she found out the news, J.Lo headed downstairs to tell Alex Rodriguez.

While she walks down the stairs, the camera captures a glimpse of her living room and dining room area. The furniture is chic, just as we would expect from a home that J.Lo lives in. The white chairs and rugs are definitely bold choices, but not when you have the money to replace them at any moment.

J.Lo did hair and makeup right in her home.

While most celebrities would head to a hotel to get ready, J.Lo brings all her hair, makeup, and clothing stylists right to her. She has enough room in the apartment to host an entire army! There's no need to have a separate location for glam when you have this much space.


We saw so many photos of the apartment when J.Lo listed it for sale.

The penthouse apartment is located inside the Whitman Mansion building on East 26th Street and was previously listed for sale at $17 million. It is currently off the market, so it seems Jen decided to keep it after all. 

The bathroom didn't appear in the video, but it is majestic.

The all-white bathroom looks like a completely peaceful escape from the outside world. With J.Lo's busy schedule, it's important for her to have a space where she can unwind and enjoy a nice bath. We sure would with that type of tub!


Check out the outside terrace.

This is just so beautiful! Taking in the gorgeous NYC summers and springs here is an absolute dream, and most New Yorkers would kill for this type of outside space. 

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