mudroom organization
Image via Douglas Sheppard on Unsplash

If the chaotic look of your mudroom or entryway has got you down, you are not alone. Many of us have areas in our homes that end up looking messy simply because we use them so much--especially when kids are in the mix. But that doesn't mean those areas have to stay that way. A few simple changes to your mudroom or the entry of your home can make a huge difference in not just the look but also in the functionality of the space.

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The biggest issue varies from family to family, but whether it's shoes, coats, backpacks, mail, or anything else that gets dropped as soon as you walk through the door, it doesn't take long for things to get out of control. Even just a few days' worth of stuff can turn into a massive mess if left untended.

In our house, shoes are usually the main culprit, and while we still have too many, I've found that having somewhere to both hide and easily access them actually makes a difference for my sanity. Click through the slideshow to see some more sanity-saving organizing ideas for your mudroom or entryway.

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Buy or build a storage unit. 1

Buy or build a storage unit.


In my mind, the first step to getting organized is making sure there's a place for everything. A storage unit with several cubbies is a great place to start. If it's in your budget, you can have something custom built, but there are also lots of units of all different shapes and sizes readily available at mainstream stores.


This straightforward unit is really popular. 2

Ikea is everyone's favorite option for storage and organization needs, and the Kallax series, which is all cubbies in various configurations, is one of the store's most popular. You can choose from units with varying numbers of cubbies, and many of the units can be used either horizontally or vertically. The four-cubby version is great for mudrooms because, when placed horizontally, it can also double as a bench. The cubbies look good both open or with baskets.

But this style for $46.99 at Ikea. 


We love this shoe bench. 3

A couple of years ago, I got really tired of the massive pile of shoes that amassed on my living room floor every week and went out and bought a simple little bench with three cubbies. I assigned a cubby to each family member to put their shoes in when they got home. So simple, but so effective.

Buy this Threshold bench for $185 at Target.

If you can't control the clutter, hide it. 4

If you can't control the clutter, hide it.


If you've read Marie Kondo's The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up or seen the Japanese organizational guru's Netflix series, you probably know how useful simple storage baskets can be. And if you haven't heard of the KonMarie method, you should definitely get on that.


Choose versatile baskets. 5

I'm a huge fan of these collapsible fabric storage bins from Target because they are just the right size to fit in most storage units, they come in tons of colors and patterns, and they are super affordable. At 13 inches, the cubbies are large enough to stow both adult- and child-sized shoes, jackets, scarves, and more. Keep an eye out for sales!

Buy the baskets at Target for $9.99. 


Wicker and rattan baskets make a statement. 6

If you want the decor of your space to make a more chic style statement, you might go with rattan or wicker baskets instead. They also come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, weaves, and hues that allow you to personalize the look of your entryway.

Buy this set of three for $39.99 at Bed Bath & Beyond.


This mudroom makes great use of baskets and cubbies. 7

This pretty mudroom uses two types of baskets to meet different needs and to add visual interest. The wire baskets are great for stashing documents that need tending to and odds and ends like keys and pet leashes.

Lighting is essential. 8

It's much, much easier to keep things organized when you can actually see and assess what's going on in a particular area. Poor lighting may go unnoticed in a room that is mostly for function like the mudroom, but it's a good idea to at least install a nice, bright energy-efficient bulb.


Even simple light fixtures can be attractive. 9

Even a simple, affordable light fixture like this three-bulb cylinder ceiling lamp from Amazon can add function and a bit of style to your entryway or mudroom.

Buy it for $94 at

You could also try multiple lights. 10

If overhead lighting doesn't work in your space, you might consider purchasing and installing multiple smaller fixtures, like this vintage-style sconce, directly over the area where things are stored and organized.

Buy it for $49.99 at Amazon.


Hooks are a simple way to keep things off the floor. 11

Any room is instantly made neater the second you get stuff off the floor. Hooks are an easy way to do that by adding vertical storage to a small space. Plus, you can assign each family member a hook so everyone can keep track of their own belongings.

There are a lot of hook options out there. 12

Pretty much every store that sells home goods sells a variety of hooks. Some are pure utilitarian, and others are more decorative, like this customizable "welcome" sign with hooks.

Buy it for $43.99 at Bed Bath & Beyond.


Utilitarian hooks get the job done. 13

If you're on a budget or short on wall space, a simple set of individual hooks like these black ball-end hooks will get the job done and still add a bit of style and visual interest.

Buy a five-pack on Amazon for $16.

A hall tree can meet multiple needs. 14

A hall tree is a single unit that features hooks, a bench, and a shelf or cubbies. So if you are not the crafty or design-y type, it can solve all of your storage and organization dilemmas in one fell swoop.

Buy this wood-and-metal hall tree for $195.49 at Target.


Hall trees come in many different styles. 15

Hall trees can be very basic or more elaborate, like this farm-style one with closed storage and even mirrors that you can use to check your look before you head out.

Buy this Seaside Lodge hall tree for $619.99 at Target.

Speaking of shelves, check out this one... 16

Shelves or even just a single shelf in the mudroom or entryway can function as both convenient storage and an interesting way to display favorite decor items to help personalize the space and draw attention away from things like boots and umbrellas.


Built-ins look amazing and can be tailored to your family's needs. 17

If time and budget allow, custom built-ins for your mudroom or entryway could be life-changing. You might even consider cupboards instead of open shelving so that you can hide things away even more easily.

But even the simplest shelf can make a big impact. 18

Even a very basic shelf like this rustic wood entryway shelf can enhance the look and functionality of a space. Install it in your mudroom, and use the hooks to hang jackets and purses. Fill the shelf with treasured items, or place baskets or bins on it for additional storage.

Buy this coat rack shelf for $49.95 on Amazon.


There are even ways to keep the mail organized right in your mudroom. 19

You can take advantage of even a small patch of previously unused space in your mudroom by installing a simple letter organizer for incoming and outgoing mail.

Buy this metal mail organizer for $14.99 on Amazon.

More compartments make for even better organization. 20

You can even get a little bit creative and use something like a multi-compartment wall-mounted magazine rack to organize your mail beyond just incoming and outgoing. Try putting mail that needs immediate attention in one pocket, longer-term attention in another, and fun mail in a third, or perhaps even dividing the mail up by recipient.

Buy this three-pocket iron mesh organizer for $50.99 at Bed Bath & Beyond.


Or you might like the look of various organizers combined. 21

If you don't like the look--or even the idea--of your mail being out in the open, you could go with something like this small wall-mounted unit that features small baskets with a space to label the contents. This would also be a great place to keep keys.

Buy it for $50 on Amazon.

Labeling things can be super helpful. 22

Once you have everything neatly organized, labeling containers or areas can help keep it that way, especially if you have children. Each child gets a basket, cubby, or hook that is labeled in a way to signify whom it belongs to so that there's never any question--or argument.


You could even swap name labels for colors. 23

If you're a fan of color and want to add lots of personality to your mudroom or entryway, you might even consider color-coding things like hooks and baskets instead of labeling them with names. You can assign each family member--including pets--a color so they know where to stash their things. These wall-mounted hooks are a great place to start.

Buy them for $27.95 at Amazon.

Or you can label by category, not person. 24

Another option is to label baskets, cubbies, and bins by item character rather than by person, like in the perfectly organized mudroom pictured here. For instance, one basket could be for hats, gloves, and scarves; another for shoes; another for keys and wallets; and so on.


Crafty or not, there's a labeling option for every family. 25

If you're the crafty type, you can create amazing custom labels like those pictured here for your mudroom. But even if you're not, simple store-bought printable label stickers will get the job done.

Buy 180 stickers for $9.99 at Target.

Don't forget your pets! 26

If you have pets, you know that they can also quickly amass an array of belongings that end up in and out of the home. From toys to leashes and poo bags, there are plenty of pet items that can end up lying around your mudroom, but they can be organized as well.


You can create a pet-walking station in your mudroom. 27

You can use many of the same organizing tools that you use for the rest of the family to create a special pet-walking station in your mudroom so that things like leashes, harnesses, poo bags, and treats are exactly where you need them. We love the use of the little Mason jar mounted on the wall to hold doggy treats.

Buy this set of four jars for $4.99 at Target.

Keep it neat. 28

Keep it neat.


Once your mudroom or entryway is all neat and organized and, hopefully, pretty, you'll want to do all you can to keep it that way. Part of that is actually keeping the mud out of the mudroom, so take some measures to keep the moisture and dirt contained.


Textiles can help. 29

Whether you choose a pretty rug or utilitarian indoor doormat that traps dirt and absorbs moisture, you'll want some sort of barrier to protect your mudroom floors from anything that can be tracked in. That way, you don't have to worry about constant maintenance.

Buy this doormat for $18.99 on Amazon.

A boot tray can be useful as well. 30

A simple boot tray takes up little space in an entryway and is an ideal spot to stash soggy shoes and umbrellas until they are dry enough to stow away in the appropriate basket or cubby. You could even place it under your coat hooks to catch drips from wet jackets.

Buy this boot tray for $35.99 at Bed Bath & Beyond.