justin bieber beverly hills house
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Justin Bieber is a married man, and he's now making grown man moves. The "Sorry" singer just purchased a gorgeous Beverly Hills mansion for a whopping $8.5 million for him and his wife, Hailey Bieber, to live in. The gorgeous five-bedroom house was recently renovated for the newlyweds, and it is an absolute dream. 

The couple secretly tied the knot at a courthouse in New York City in the fall of 2018, and while they haven't had a big wedding ceremony just yet, the pair is making their love official with this new mansion. 

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Now the pop superstar is shelling out the big bucks to make sure he and his wife have a gorgeous place to live. He spared no expense and purchased the stunning 6,132-square-foot home, which comes decked out with seven bathrooms, a wine cellar, and a home theater. 

The Beverly Hills home was originally built in 1932, and from the outside, it looks like a casual California-style home. With the new changes and renovations, the home is a lot more chic, refined, and glamorous than the way it was with its previous owners. Scroll through to take a look at the gorgeous mansion that Justin and Hailey are soon going to call "home." 

The entrance to their love nest is so welcoming. 1

The home is gated, which is important for people as famous as Justin and Hailey. We love how the tree branches line the pathway. 


Now this is how you spend quiet nights with the love of your life. 2

We can picture Hailey and Justin having some downtime here together while sitting around the fire. 


This outdoor sitting area is so gorgeous. 3

We can imagine the lovebirds lounging around here. This shot also shows the home's beautiful window designs on the lower floors. 

This bedroom is suited for a superstar. 4

Married or not, Justin hasn't lost his cool-guy edge. This room looks so amazing--almost bachelor-like--but we're sure Hailey is going to add a nice feminine touch to this bedroom. 


This living area is so well-decorated, we're in love. 5

Everything from the couches to the throw pillows is just to die for. There's so much beautiful detail in this decor. 


We would get a whole lot of work done in this home office. 6

Those French doors will allow the beautiful California sunshine to brighten up the space. That bookcase is outstanding. 


The home also has its own wine cellar. 7

Look how gorgeous this space is! The wooden decor and that bar is amazing. We're sure the wine cellar will be decked out with the best of the best wines for the couple to enjoy.

These steel-frame windows are just spectacular. 8

They allow for a view of the property, but they also create a more open-space feel around the living room and kitchen areas. 


The home underwent some major transformations both outside and inside. 9

Here's an outside look at the house during construction. A lot of work was put into the home's renovations. 

This is how the home used to look. 10

This earlier version of the home looks beautiful, but it was lacking a more stylish personality--and the requisite privacy--for someone like Justin to buy it.