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On the list of top life events, moving into a new home or apartment is definitely all the way up there, probably high enough to make the top five. So much goes into choosing a new home that you can literally spend months trying to find the perfect one. When you finally do, that's when the real stress begins. Figuring out how to decorate, finding the right furniture, and picking the right accents can seem like a lot. But once you get started, you'll see that's actually the fun part.

Plus, there's no better way than settling into a new home than with a housewarming party. Your guests will probably show up with useful, beautiful items you didn't even know you wanted or needed. Don't underestimate the value of a good housewarming gift. It can be the missing touch to your modestly decorated house or your Kylie Jenner-inspired glam pad.

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Whether you're the one moving into a new space or a friend is--and you need a gift ASAP--you're bound to go shopping for some new decor soon. If you're stuck in a rut or just have so many ideas that you don't know where to start, finding just one perfect item can set you off on a whole path. From space-saving products to ways you can spruce up your living room coffee table, there's so much to think about.

If you're on the hunt for your next housewarming gift or live in the home goods section of Marshall's, chances are you might want to check out this list of items that would make the perfect gift for a new home.

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This curtain will remind you of the old bead curtain your abuela used to have. 1

The Rosa Floral Bamboo Beaded Curtain will give the entryway to any room a boho-chic vibe. The semi-sheer bamboo curtain features a floral pattern that not only makes it a cool addition to any doorway, but also versatile enough to accent any closet or window.

Buy it for $49 at Urban Outfitters.


These funny kitchen towels make a great gift! 2

With punny phrases like, "When in doubt, add bacon" and, "You wanna pizza me," the Funny Kitchen Towels from Etsy make the perfect gift for a new homeowner. While everyone else will probably go for the basic gifts, like a new vase or money tree, you’ll stand out with a gift almost guaranteed no one else will have.

Buy them for $5 in the Etsy store.


This lamp makes an elegant addition to any nightstand or side table. 3

This Flower Petal 3-Light Touch On-Off Table Lamp has a delicate glass shade with a printed floral pattern. The lamp has different levels of brightness depending on how many times you tap it. Whether you place it on a desk or your nightstand, the lamp will add some refinement to any room.

Buy it for $45 on Amazon.

Impress everyone who comes over by serving them wine from this classy dispenser. 4

Go ahead and buy the boxed wine this time. When you use the Wine Dispensing Sphere, no one will know that their wine didn’t actually come from the inside of some fancy bottle. No matter what your go-to wine is, this sphere makes a classy way to serve it.

Buy it for $65 at Uncommon Goods.


Make your late-night trips to the restroom a little brighter with this cool toilet light. 5

This is a gift that’s guaranteed to make anyone laugh and it’s actually pretty useful, too. The RainBowl Motion Sensor Toilet Night Light will illuminate any toilet in any of eight colors. No more need to be blinded by the bright overhead lights of the bathroom in the middle of the night. Instead, this fun gadget provides just enough light to prevent you from stumbling around during those late-night bathroom trips.

Buy it for $13 on Amazon.


This heart-shaped wine holder will store up to 12 bottles of wine. 6

Turn your wine bottles into decor by adding them to the MyGift Metal Heart-Shaped Countertop Wine Rack Holder. The holder makes a elegant addition to the corner of any kitchen countertop or bar. Even if you’re not an avid wine drinker, you can fill the rack up with some empty wine bottles. No one will be able to tell the difference.

Buy it for $42.50 on Amazon.


You can use this set of vases as the centerpiece for your coffee table. 7

The three-piece Glazed Terra Cotta Vase Set can add a rustic touch to any space. You can place them on your coffee table or living room shelf as is, or liven them up by throwing your favorite flowers into the vases. Whatever you decide, you can’t go wrong as these vases pair well with almost any kind of decor.

Buy them for $34 at Target.

Add some personality to your bathroom with this pretty shower curtain. 8

The Saskia Pomeroy Plants Shower Curtain is designed with art from London visual artist Saskia Pomeroy. The green of the design will pair well with most bathrooms, but the curtain's a statement piece that doesn’t need much else to impress. Your guests are guaranteed to ask where they can get one just like it.

Buy it for $49 at Urban Outfitters.


This mirror is a bold piece that will add a touch of vintage to your space. 9

The Asunta Pelaez Unique Reverse Painted Accent Mirror is decorated with artwork inspired by the artistic styles of Cajamarca, Peru. The design is a deep crimson background adorned with blue and white flowers. Use this mirror as an accent piece for a bathroom or living room wall.

Buy it for $70 at Wayfair.

Not only is this wall art beautiful, but it pays homage to an inspiring Latina. 10

The Huelga painting portrays a young Dolores Huerta with a megaphone in her hand. Huerta was an advocate for civil rights, specifically those of migrant farmworkers. This illustration will serve as a conversation starter the next time you have guests over.

Buy it for $15 at the Etsy store.


Use these pillow covers to add a pop of color to your sofa. 11

Though you’ll probably want them for yourself, the Frida Kahlo Self-Portrait Cotton Linen Pillow Case Covers will make an impressive gift at the next housewarming you head to. The pillow cases feature various illustrations of Mexican artist and activist, Frida Kahlo. Frida is celebrated for her art depicting indigenous culture and the female experience.

Buy them for $17 on Amazon.

Store your kitchen essentials in these cute sea green containers. 12

The Metal Light Green Vintage Home Kitchen Set comes with a bread box and sugar, coffee, and tea containers. The set makes storing your essentials convenient, making it a great gift for someone who's just moved into a new home. They probably weren't thinking about how they would store their sugar during all that furniture shopping.

Buy them for $40 on Amazon.


Welcome your guests to the dining table or kitchen the right way with this sign. 13

This handpainted Buen Provecho Wooden Sign will make your guests feel right at home. Since the sign translates to "enjoy your meal," it’s ideal for the kitchen or an open wall space by your dining room table. The sign also makes a distinctive, thoughtful gift for anyone who’s just moved.

Buy it for $26.95 at the Etsy store.

No one will guess you made these cork-wrapped candle holders yourself. 14

The glow of candlelight instantly adds a sense of relaxation to any space. Using materials from your local craft store, you can easily create these Cork-Wrapped Candle Holders. To nest the candles in the holders, you can use crushed shells. Once finished, these holders are so simple, they will complement any home decor scheme.

See the full directions at By Stephanie Lynn.


Get this lava lamp for the girly girl in your life. 15

The Glitter Lava Lamp will add a pink glow to the space you set it in. When turned on, the lava lamp takes on an ombre effect. This lamp makes the perfect gift for the girl who's just moved out on her own, as it adds some mellow vibes to any space.

Buy it for $29 at Urban Outfitters.

These cushion covers are graphic and so different, but they work together beautifully. 16

An accent cushion can change up the vibes of a dull sofa or space. These Bluettek Simple Geometric Style Soft Linen Burlap Square Throw Pillow Covers make it easy to liven up any spot. Featuring lots of designs in all colors from green to pink, you’re bound to find something that matches your color scheme.

Buy it for $20.49 on Amazon.


This bamboo storage container makes storing spices anything but boring. 17

The Totally Bamboo Triple Salt Box is designed into a tower of three storage containers with magnetic swivel lids. While the bamboo containers make the perfect place for storing seasonings or condiments, they can also be used in other parts of the house to store other things, like jewelry.

Buy them for $17.95 on Amazon.

Help your friend avoid a messy drawer of utensils by getting her this holder. 18

On cooking days, messy kitchens are unavoidable, but the Neya Utensil Holder will make any kitchen instantly look more organized. The ceramic holder features a woven twist design that gives it a boho feel. It'll look great in your kitchen, but it also makes an affordable housewarming gift.

Buy it for $29 at Urban Outfitters.


With this alarm clock, waking up doesn’t have to be so painful. 19

The Sunrise Alarm Clock simulates sunrise and sunset, gradually dimming or brightening to help you fall asleep or wake up. If you want to switch it up, the alarm clock also serves as a mood light that can switch between  seven colors and 10 levels of brightness. With this alarm clock, you don’t have to wake up to that annoying buzzing sound, since it also features six natural sounds and an FM radio.

Buy it for $30 on Amazon.

This delicate painting is an artistic depiction of a Latino festival. 20

If you want to steal decor tips from your parents, chances are one of their walls was adorned with a painting of fruits, or people dancing, like this one. The Dance Print Painting shows women dancing during El Festival de La Papa in Honduras. The picture is vibrant, yet soft enough that it won’t disrupt most decor schemes.

Buy it for $115 in the Etsy store.


This is a thoughtful gift any new homeowner will really appreciate. 21

The Happy Place Diffuser not only makes a nice addition to any coffee table, but can also switch up the feel of your home using essential oils. The diffuser comes with lava rocks sourced from Indonesia that release the essential oil scent into the air. You can choose between an outdoorsy or beachy scent.

Buy it for $48 at Uncommon Goods

If you want to add some greenery to your space, use this leaf wall shelf. 22

The Rattan Leaf Wall Shelf is made from iron wrapped in rattan and shaped like a leaf. It makes a cool addition to any bedroom wall, as the hook at the bottom makes it ideal for hanging jewelry, or to any living room wall space that needs a little something extra. Decorate it with a fake plant or go for the real thing.

Buy it for $39 at Urban Outfitters.


Use this pitcher for your first get-together in your new home. 23

The Spanish Terra Cotta Sangria Pitcher is handmade in Spain. While it’s specifically made for sangria since its pitched spout helps to hold in fruit and ice, you can fill it with any mixed drink of your choice. The pitcher, which holds up to 1.5 liters, will also add some pretty decor to your counter or bar set.

Buy it for $29.95 on Amazon.

These decorative jars can either be used as table accents or a fun place to store things. 24

The Northlight Gold Decorative Galaxy Night LED Lighted Glass Jars come with galaxy designs that light up (using batteries). The light comes from 55 small LED lights. The glass jars will add a warm glow to your space, making it perfect for relaxing or curling up with a book.

Buy them for $56 at Target.


This whimsical doormat will greet visitors. 25

The adorable Epes Hello Doormat makes your entryway happy and welcoming from the get-go. It comes in several colors, but we're partial to this bright turquoise. It's a beautiful choice for a housewarming gift, but you can get one for yourself, too!

Buy it at Wayfair for $38.

This accent rug is affordable without sacrificing any style. 26

The Home Dynamix Everett Accent Rug is handcrafted and adorned with a distressed bold pattern. It’s also decorated with fringe on its sides, making it more than just your average accent rug. While the rug may look cool in your living room, it’ll look even better gift-wrapped at your next housewarming.

Buy it for $14.97 at Bed, Bath & Beyond.


The beautiful embroidery on these sugar skull pillows is just one of the draws. 27

The pillows are sold in a set of two and will add a pop of bright color to any living room or bedroom. The embroidery work is gorgeous and the price can't be beat--inserts are included!

Buy the pair at Wayfair.com for $29.

This nifty DIY necklace rack is easy to make, but gorgeous enough to look like it came straight from a decor store. 28

The necklace rack in this example is made in different shades of blue to create an ombre effect, but you can personalize it by painting the pieces of dowel your favorite color. You can even use the wine corks you have laying around instead of hunting down dowel. However you decide to design it, the rack will make a cute, nifty addition to your bedroom door or wall.

See the full directions at Anykind.


Bear hands oven mitts are a great gift for any bakers! 29

Bakers are fierce! These oven mitts feature silicone heat-resistant pads to protect hands from heat even better. The set is a useful housewarming gift for anyone who loves to bake. 

Buy the pair for $20 at Wayfair.

How adorable is this set of cactus salt and pepper shakers? 30

This bright green set of cactus salt and pepper shakers is so fab, we know you'll get one for yourself also. The ceramic 3-inch-high shakers will cheer up any table with their bright color and fun design. 

Buy the set at Wayfair for $27.