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It looks like Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez are seriously getting serious because they just bought a sweet beach house in Malibu, California, that is beyond beautiful. The two lovebirds have been together for more than two years at this point and although they aren't married, they feel comfortable enough in the strength of their relationship to drop over $6 million on what will surely turn into a hangout for both of their families.

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It's worth mentioning that this isn't the first piece of real estate that Jennifer and Alex have bought together. Last year, they bought an apartment in New York for more than $15 million, which is more than they paid for this new beach house. Apparently, the apartment in in New York wasn't big enough to accommodate them and all of their kids and they sold it just a year after buying it, while managing to make a $2.5 million profit on it. Cha-ching!

Their new home belonged to actor Jeremy Piven, who bought it for $3.5 million in 2004 and put it on the market for $10.5 million in 2017. After having the property sit on the market for a couple of years, Piven let J.Lo and A-Rod have it for $6.6 million. Deal steal!

So, they made $2.5 million on the sale of their apartment and saved $3.9 million on the new place. These two just can't stop winning, can they? And wait till you see these gorgeous pictures of their new place!

Imagine waking up to views like this every morning! 1

For most people, paying $6.6 million for a house is not feasible, but that's not the case for this incredibly successful power couple. And let's be real, those views are worth the price of admittance.


Whatever you eat must taste even better in a space like this. 2

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner is a feast for the eyes as well as the belly in this dining area. Do you think they fight over who has to do the dishes?


Check out Alex's man cave! 3

Jeremy Piven created a beautiful library and entertainment space that could work as a little getaway space for Alex. Or perhaps they're more progressive than that and it could be a couple cave instead of a man cave.


As far as investment properties go, this is a good one. 4

From the outside, this home is not ostentatious, which is part of its appeal. The wow factor of this home is what it looks like inside and the incredible views of the beach.


Can we talk about this deck? 5

Picture Alex and Jen doing sunset yoga out here! The view is to die for and the vibe is all California chill.


This place has not one, not two, but three stories to enjoy. 6

Instead of being expansive horizontally, the home takes advantage of vertical space. The third floor has a great living area for family hangouts.


Of course there's a breakfast nook to take advantage of. 7

It's not the most luxurious or largest kitchen, but it does have a cute little breakfast nook that the couple can enjoy. Perfect spot for a little cafecito in the middle of the day.

The living room is right off of the kitchen. 8

Someone can be cooking in the kitchen while someone else hangs out in the living room. Who do you think cooks more, J.Lo or Alex?


Surprisingly, there are only three bedrooms. 9

Considering that there are three floors in the home, you would think there would be more than three bedrooms, but NOPE. Fortunately, the ones that it does have are HUGE.

Who would want to get out of bed when it's this cozy? 10

The couple will still live in Manhattan, but surely when they're on the West Coast they'll spend a good amount of time in this master bedroom. Seriously, why would anyone ever want to get out of a bed in a room like this?


Hello, master bathroom! 11

This bathroom is what dreams are made of. Better stock up on the bubble bath because this bathtub screams "GIVE ME ALL THE BUBBLES!"

There will be no fighting over who gets to shower first. 12

This shower is built for two. Heck, this shower could accommodate plenty more if necessary. Just sayin'.


There will no bickering over closet space. 13

There are retail spaces that aren't as big as this closet. Do you think Alex and Jen will share it? Probably not.

How would you like to spend the night in this guest room? 14

It's pretty certain that their kids will get dibs on the "guest" rooms. They are going to have so much fun in this home.


The first floor is the perfect blend of indoor and outdoor living. 15

If you are going to live on the beach, this is exactly the kind of place you want because the outdoors and indoors blend into each other seamlessly. When you're indoors, it feels like the outdoors is sitting right next to you on the sofa.

If the ocean is too cold, there's always a hot tub. 16

Or better yet, run into the cold ocean water and then jump into the hot tub to warm up. Now, that's living!


The entryway is all "come in and make yourselves at home!" 17

Walking into the home is a welcoming treat. This is what it looks like at the moment, but surely J.Lo and A-Rod will change it up to suit their tastes.

Oh, and it's not all ocean blue and views. 18

As beautiful and calming as the ocean is, a space with greenery is always wonderful. It creates a sense of seclusion and a natural enclave.


Omaiga, are they going to turn into swingers? 19

Just kidding! Not trying to start any rumors or anything. It's just that this beautiful swing is bound to turn the lovers into swingers. Porch swingers, that is.

They'll be able to follow their workouts with a sauna. 20

It's no secret that both Jennifer and Alex work out hard. That means they must have some tired muscles that need soothing--and this sauna is the perfect place for them to relax and rejuvenate after a hard workout.


Even though the third bedroom is smaller, it's still BIG. 21

OK, so it's not as big as the other two bedrooms, but it's plenty big. It's all relative, right?

This is one of the three bathrooms in the house. 22

It's actually a fairly modest bathroom, but it has everything that the couple's kids could possibly need: shower, bath, and so forth.


And this is what success looks like. 23

Do you think that when Jennifer and Alex were kids that they imagined they would one day own a home that was this freakin' picture perfect? Kudos to them for all their hard work and the success they have achieved. May they enjoy many happy moments together in this piece of paradise that they have purchased.