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Kylie Jenner/Instagram

Oh, to be young and very, very rich. That is what the inside of Kylie Jenner's Hidden Hills mansion will make you think. The young mogul is on the cusp of becoming a billionaire thanks to Keeping Up With the Kardashians and lip injections that helped her launch her $800 million Kylie Cosmetics brand. She accomplished all of this by the time she was 21 years old and her home is a reflection of the wealth she has amassed at such a young age. It is so impressive that the home landed the cover of Architectural Digest's March 2019 issue and they photographed the space in all of its glitzy glory.

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Kylie Jenner worked with award-winning interior designer Martyn Lawrence Bullard to bring her vision for her home to life. "I told Martyn I wanted a fresh, fun vibe to match the way I was feeling," she shared with Architectural Digest. "Color was essential. I love pink, and I wanted a lot of it!" Martyn went above and beyond to give Kylie a girly feast for the eyes. We would never leave if we were in her shoes.

The attention to detail and incorporation of her personality is what makes her home stand out. From her dining area to her glam room, the furniture, art and accessories scream Kylie. Even the ceiling got special treatment! It all matches the lavish lifestyle she famously leads. Money was definitely no object in this expertly styled mansion. Here is a look at some of her most jaw-dropping spaces.

Kylie's 'Architectural Digest' cover sums up her home perfectly. 1

"The look is glamorous but totally inviting. Kylie loves to have people over, and there’s nothing so precious that you can’t stand, jump, or dance on it," Martyn told Architectural Digest.


The living room still looks too pretty to sit in. 2

The Jean-Michel Basquiat screen print in her living room gives the space a unique vibe. And Kylie doesn't have a regular piano. She has a white lacquer and acrylic grand piano that looks like it's meant to be displayed, not played.


Kylie's bar lounge area is stunning. 3

It better look amazing because it probably cost her a small fortune. The dollar sign pieces above her vintage green couch are Andy Warhol lithographs. As if that wasn't enough of a statement, Kylie has a neon sign above them that says, "I can't believe how much you love me."

Pink was on Kylie's list of demands for her home's decor which makes this dining room a dream come true. 4

The pink tones of her leather dining room chairs aren't random; they were custom made to match the colors of lip products from her makeup line. That is a level of personalization worth bragging about. The gold-leafed ceiling isn't too shabby either.


Her glam room is a Barbie dreamland. 5

From the plush carpet to the luxe chairs and statement countertop, her designer made sure Kylie's pink expectations were well met. We can't get over the "plastic" neon sign. It almost feels like a low-key jab at her haters.


The closet is as luxe as her wardrobe. It looks like a boutique! 6

"My closets and glam room are very personal to me, even down to the size of each drawer, so they fit my specific products and clothes," Kylie told Architectural Digest. "I spend a lot of time in those rooms, so we had to make sure they were perfect."


This is no ordinary family room. 7

The hammock by Jim Zivic for Ralph Pucci is an incredible statement. It costs an astonishing $48,600! You won't even flinch at the $1,400 mirrors by Bower that are flanking the fireplace after that hit.

There is no shortage of sitting areas in the mansion. 8

The acrylic chairs, coffee table, and pill prints arranged above the couch are such a millennial choice. The futuristic silver light fixture makes the space feel like its from the year 3019.