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If it's always been your dream to live like a star, now is your chance. One of the biggest power couples out there, Enrique Iglesias and Anna Kournikova, have put one of their mansions on the market, for "only" $4.8 million. So, if you weren't sure what to do with your end-of-year bonus ... maybe you can put a down payment on this astonishing house? Dreaming is free, right? You won't only be buying a piece of history of one of those amazingly solid celebrity couples--they have been together 17 years--but you would also be purchasing a property that has appreciated $3 million in three years, and which may very well become your dream house.

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Enrique and Anna bought this mansion in 2015 for $1.8 million with the goal of having it undergo renovations to customize it for Anna's grandparents to live in. After a huge construction update, it seems like the grandparents decided the house was too big for their needs, so the Spaniard singer and the Russian former tennis star have decided to put it on the market and reap the profits of their invesmtent.

The mansion sits on the exclusive Bay Point neighborhood, in Miami, Florida, where the couple has been established since they met in 2001. It boasts six rooms and six full baths, and enough space to almost lose yourself in it. Would you like to buy it? OK, even if you can't afford the $4.8 million price tag, take a look at the gorgeus images they are using to market the property. And hey, keep saving that end-of-year bonus--who knows, maybe in a few years you'll finally be able to make your dream of living like a star a reality.


A spectacular mansion custom made for the singer and the former tennis player. 1

They bought the property in 2015 (in exchange of $1.8 million) but they've done a ton of renovations and tailored it to their taste and needs. No wonder it has appreciated so much in just three short years.


Enrique and Anna have another property in the neighborhood. 2

The couple know the ins and outs of this exlusive subdivision, Bay Point, and so they knew the property would be a great investment.


The mansion has a ton of natural light. 3

The living room boasts floor to ceiling glass doors that shower the interior with wonderful light.


The spacious living room faces the backyard and pool. 4

The next owners will have the pleasure of sitting in their living room and admiring the more than 5,000 square feet of their new property.


There's no need for a bar cart when you have your own bar. 5

The neighborhood is very homey and peaceful, so loud neighbors looking to throw crazy parties are not really welcome, but it's never a bad idea to enjoy a smooth whiskey with some good friends from your own living room bar.


Even the main door is made of smoked glass to let the light in. 6

It is a very intelligent design, which takes advantage of as many details as possible to give the impression of light and space throughout the property.


The dining room seats 10 guests quite comfortably. 7

And that's taking into account how wide the table is. The space lends itself to fit a lot more people, but a nice dinner party with 10 of your closest friends and some delicious food sounds like the perfect Saturday night to me.

Any mansion needs a kitchen built for a professional chef. 8

There's even a chef's table incorporated, so you can entertain and feed your guests as you cook. It has to be a unique experience, no doubt. What we still don't know is if Enrique and Anna were ever into cooking much.


Six spacious rooms are spread all over the property waiting for your magic touch when it comes to the furnishings. 9

The master bedroom has access to a private wrap-around porch, and of course, a wonderful en-suite bathroom.

You get to the en-suite bathroom through a walk-in closet. 10

Granted, Anna Kournikova's walk-in closet is probably as big as my New York City apartment, but the bonus is that as you walk through it you'll be able to access a magical en-suite bathroom. This is what dreams are made of.


There's a loft-style entertainment room on the second floor. 11

This space is perfect for a family with teenage children, as this space provides some privacy for them, yet it is easily accesible for the parents. It's no wonder Anna's grandparents thought the house was too big for just the two of them.

The loft even has a small office space. 12

The right thing to do is to leave work behind at the office and not bring it home, but it is inevitable to always have to do a little work from the house, and in that case you can space out in your own home office.


The porch wraps around the property and you can easily live in it. 13

Miami's wonderful climate allow you to have an outside life all year round, and with a terrace like this one, you will have no excuse to step foot inside the house.

Few things are more blissful than sitting on your terrace after a long work day and enjoying this view. 14

The house really sells itself. You have the perfect space and a ton of privacy. What more could you ask for?



There's no olympic-sized pool, but it is perfect to enjoy with your special one. 15

It is a very romantic spot, having a spill-over jacuzzi in the actual pool. Imagine putting the kids to sleep and enjoying a night with your partner in the hot tub. Blissful!


The design is truly perfect because of all the light the house attracts. 16

Anna and Enrique must have gotten a great designer and architect to do the renovations on this property. Just look at all the windows they have, which make the inside of the house flood with natural light.



The garage has space for two cars. 17

It's probably the smallest part of the property, but hey, you have 5,000 square feet to your name, so you can really have as many cars as a dealership if you'd want to.

The property sits in the perfect enclave. 18

Bay Point is a gated community with 24 hour surveillance. You only need to look at this aerial shot to understand how magical of a spot the house has been built in.