Cardi B fulfills a childhood dream of buying her mom a gorgeous house

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Cardi B is living out her childhood dreams one by one. She has plenty to celebrate these days and buying her mother a house is now at the top of her list of accomplishments. The rapper shared two clips on Instagram of the home she recently purchased in New York for her mom--and it is stunning.

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Cardi took her fans inside the house for a quick tour and showed the main floor, basement and the upstairs area, and it looks like her mom will be thrilled with her new humble abode. The "Money" rapper has been working nonstop to accomplish her goal, and she said that it took some patience to get the house she felt her mom deserved.

"It's always been a dream to buy my mother a house," she revealed in the Instagram post on Monday, November 19. "Last year I was so thirsty to buy my mom a house but the ones I was interested for her weren't at my price range. I worked and worked and now I'm here!!"

Cardi gave her followers a mini tour of the huge house!

Cardi shared two clips showing off the incredible kitchen, the bathrooms and the basement and said that it was the "happiest day of her life." She also said that she's looking forward to seeing her daughter, Kulture, and her whole family enjoy the home together. "Thank you everybody who supported me to make my childhood dreams come true! Buy my momma a house," she wrote in the caption, adding, "Don’t ask me for s--t motherf--kers i got big girls bills 😩😩!"


The rapper has been working hard to make her own and her family's dreams a reality.

The home also comes fully equipped with a gym, a giant basement and multiple rooms. Cardi revealed in the clips that last year she could only afford a house that cost $600,000, so she waited and kept working until she could afford her mom's dream house--and now the family owns it! "We live in New York so cribs that [cost that] look like s--t," the rapper said about real estate in her home state. 


The Bronx native has been having plenty of success in all of her projects.

Cardi's Fashion Nova clothing line completely sold out quickly after it dropped, and there have been reports that she pulled in $10 million from the sales. Her music has also been climbing to the top of the charts and she's dropped multiple collaborations and songs since she gave birth to her daughter in July. Cardi is for sure making money moves and her family now gets to enjoy the fruits of her labor.

Cardi absolutely adores spoiling her loved ones, and that includes her husband, Offset.

Cardi's mom isn't the only one to benefit from her generosity. For Offset's birthday in December 2017, Cardi surprised her man with a gorgeous Rolls-Royce Wraith valued at $320,500. She knows the true meaning of taking care of those around her and who better to share your success with than the ones you love? Congratulations to Cardi and her whole family on all their blessings. 

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