Alex Rodriguez is making some major money moves. The former baseball player has listed his Hollywood Hills, California home on the market for a whopping $6.5 million. The modern home has all the appeal of a bachelor pad and now that he's a taken man it probably no longer fits his lifestyle. A-Rod purchased the home in 2014 for $4.8 million, so once the 4-bedroom, 4-bath humble abode is sold he'll be walking away with a little extra cash. That's perfect since he recently purchased a $15 million dollar condo with girlfriend Jennifer Lopez

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After spending that much money, something's gotta give. The Los Angeles home is known as the Honnold and Rex Architectural Research house and it was originally built in 1954. It has since been updated and renovated and it's now even more modern and incredibly easy on the eyes. The two-story 3,700 square foot home comes with a four-car garage, a hot tub/spa and pool and breathtaking views of the city. Scroll through to see the stunning home that the former Yankees star is ready to say goodbye to. 

The home's exterior is absolutely gorgeous. 1

While the interior of a house is what makes it truly stand out, a beautiful exterior like the one Alex's home has makes it that much better.


It's a shame A-Rod is selling this home because we would've loved to see him and Jennifer Lopez enjoy it. 2

The couple are making major real estate moves together so it makes sense that he's putting this home on the market. Maybe he and J.Lo are planning to buy something new together? Only time will tell.


That fireplace would surely set the mood. 3

The minimalist furniture, the floor to ceiling windows and the fireplace are sure signs this was the perfect bachelor pad.

The fireplace also looks amazing in the day time. 4

Everything from the walls to the floor are impeccable choices.


Alex is also a father of two, so he needs a great backyard. 5

The exterior of the home was designed for it to have a resort-like feel and it sure looks like it.


There are so many details that make the home extra special. 6

Waterfalls can be seen around the outside of the house and the huge windows allow people to enjoy them right from the comfort of their living room. 


That all-glass shower looks like an absolute dream. 7

That all-glass shower looks like an absolute dream.

We had a feeling Alex had a few shower concerts here. 

The bedrooms also come with their own access to outside space. 8

The glass sliding doors add a lot of natural light inside the home, which is expected in sunny L.A.


There's a pretty home office with views of the backyard. 9

This is perfect for someone who runs multiple businesses like the former Yankees player.

They backyard is lined with tanning beds to soak in the rays. 10

There are also TV screens propped up on the outside, and having a Yankees baseball game on the screen is a nice touch.


This bathtub is so modern, and that view is everything. 11

This bathtub is so modern, and that view is everything.

The clean lines and modern design in this home are so elegant.

This is the kind of bedroom that we all deserve. 12

The master bedroom features stunning views of Los Angeles on all sides. What a beauty!


The home comes complete with four bedrooms and four baths. 13

Even though it has such huge windows, the home's design provides plenty of privacy for its residents. The home is so stunning it was featured in Architectural Digest

Waking up here every morning would be glorious. 14

The view of the impressive backyard, plus views of L.A. would inspire us to jump out of bed with joy.


The kitchen and dining room are to die for. 15

Even though the home was riginally built in 1954, it was renovated by designer Xorin Balbes to give it its modern feel with open spaces and unique details.

This angle provides a better look at the kitchen. 16

The two-story home has high ceilings and a door by the kitchen to provide ventilation while cooking. The kitchen island is perfect for preparing big meals the whole family can enjoy.


We can definitely see A-Rod lounging around in this area. 17

The setup and decor in this living space are so tasteful. 

While some homes have dated dining room areas, this one is so refreshing. 18

We love how simple the furniture is and asbolutely love the yellow wall decor for a splash of color.


The house gets plenty of natural light. 19

Each room is so unique, bright and gorgeous but the light fixtures are a great addition to this space.

The home has a balcony with gorgeous views of the city. 20

The home has a balcony with gorgeous views of the city.

Having a glass of wine while taking in this view at the end of the day would make every penny spent worth it.