Peek inside Kylie Jenner's luxe & girlie home

Kylie Jenner
Kylie Jenner/Instagram


Kylie Jenner arrived home on Tuesday night to a house filled with the most stunning red roses. Of course she had to show them off with a quick Instagram video captioned, "hell of a way to end the night," with her man Travis Scott's song "Hell of a Night" playing in the background. Too cute, right?

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But while Kylie was busy being all #relationshipgoals, we were all peeping the inside of her home. The video showed three areas of the interior of her house, which was really fun because we usually get mostly close up selfies from Kylie and see very little of where the 21-year-old billionaire lives.

It's safe to say that her home reflects a few things we already know about Kylie. We spotted lots of pink, white and lucite in the short video--all of which is totally her vibe.

It looks like all of the floors and walls are white or pale grey.

Kylie's house looks pretty minimalistic. The walls, floor, stairs and even the area rugs are shades of white and pale grey. It really makes the deep red roses stand out.


Lucite and plush furnishings make it feel luxurious.

The railings and walls of her stairwell are solid lucite, which is carried through with some of the furnishings in her living room. It also includes plush black and white couches and ottomans, creating a super-glam, luxurious effect.


Her house is also really girlie.

As Kylie pans from the living room to the dining room, we get a glimpse of the art that decorates her walls, and it is SO girlie. There's lots of pink, gold and butterflies--some of her trademarks.

The dining room looks so fun.

If I were rich when I was 21, I would totally have loved for my dining room to look like Kylie's! The long table is lined with overstuffed dining chairs in shades of pink creating an ombre effect underneath a gorgeous white and metallic light fixture. The walls are decorated with the girliest heart-and-butterfly prints.


We've seen it before.

While we haven't seen too much of Kylie's home, we do occasionally get a tiny glimpse inside like in this super-cute shot of baby Stormi. It looks like the luxe, girly design carries through to the bedrooms as well. The furniture, art and accessories in this room coordinate with the first floor design so well--Kylie's style is definitely consistent.

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