They're in love and living lavishly. Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott have reportedly dropped $13.4 million on a new Beverly Hills mansion. The couple, who have been dating since 2017 and welcomed a child together in February, are ready to take the next step in their relationship--real estate! 

The gorgeous home is right up Kylie's alley, since the makeup mogul has built quite the reputation for her affinity for purchasing and selling homes. The lovebirds and their daughter, Stormi Webster, will now be living in a stunning seven-bedroom home in the Beverly Hills Post Office area in Los Angeles. Both Kylie and the "Sicko Mode" rapper are listed as owners, according to TMZ

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The single-family home also boasts eight full bathrooms and two half bathrooms and a master suite that is 2,300 square feet. The couple, who are both super into cars, also have the luxury of having a three-car garage plus additional covered parking for the many wheels they own. Kylie's friends, who are always by her side, have nothing to worry about since the home also comes with a separate guesthouse, a giant pool, a home movie theater, and a wine room--perfect for a girls' night in. 

The Kylie Cosmetics mogul already has several other properties, this being her fifth home purchase. She also owns a home in Hidden Hills valued at $12 million. The reality TV star was named as one of the youngest and richest people in the world, and now she's using her business and real estate savvy to start her new life with her musician boyfriend. Take a tour inside Kylie and Travis' new pad, and see just how beautiful it is from the inside out.  

We feel like Stormi is going to have tons of fun in this backyard. 1

We love the huge rectangular windows the home has. They provide gorgeous views of the city and the ocean. Not bad for the couple's first major purchase together.


The home's design is as modern and edgy as the new parents. 2

We love that the trees and the home's design provide the adorable family with plenty of privacy.


Knowing Kylie, she's ready to add her own touches to the new home. 3

While the photos show that the home is fully furnished with some cool pieces, Kylie is undoubtedly going to add her own spin and style to the home's decor.

This kitchen is perfect for someone who loves to cook as much as Kylie. 4

Kylie was often seen chef-ing it up in the kitchen in her posts on social media and in her show Life of Kylie, so it's only right that she chose a home that comes equipped with a chef's kitchen with Miele appliances and a huge center island.


There's plenty of space to lounge around. 5

We can't wait to see how Kylie will transform this whole house.


The floor-to-ceiling windows are also sliding doors. 6

Imagine taking a bath with the door open like this and enjoying the fresh outside air. It sounds like a dream come true.


The outside of the house is full of greenery and surrounded by gates. 7

The couple, who have been pretty serious about protecting their privacy, will definitely be happy here.

The home has plenty of great exterior features. 8

We can already see the mamá and daughter duo sunbathing by the pool. 


We're not quite sure what this area is for. 9

But it's spacious and beautiful nonetheless.

Travis and Kylie spend a lot of time together, so it's great that now they'll be coming home to each other. 10

The rapper gave Kylie a gorgeous Rolls Royce for her birthday in August 2018, so they're already used to dropping big money on each other. We can already imagine how happy they will be to be sharing their driveway, parking spaces, and new home together.


Kylie will most definitely be hosting huge family dinners here. 11

Kylie will create a super-inviting space for her family and friends to visit. 

Travis and Kylie are going to love this master bedroom. 12

The couple's love nest is gigantic--it takes up a whole floor in the mansion!--and comes with huge wall-to-wall glass doors that open up fully. 


There are eye-pleasing fireplaces all over this home. 13

The home is surrounded by these sliding doors, which give the house an outdoor/indoor living feel. 

The greenery creates a feeling that the house is in its own little world. 14

This pathway toward the backyard is so pretty.


The home has such an old-school yet modern feel. 15

This wine room is so gorgeous and perfect now that Kylie is 21. 

Look how gorgeous the view is from the bedroom. 16

Waking up to this view is going to be magical for them.


The furniture in this room is so simple and beautiful. 17

There are so many sitting rooms that just look so cozy.

The landscaping around the mansion is to die for. 18

This might just be where Stormi takes her first steps.


The couple can sit back and take in the gorgeous views of the city. 19

This is such a breathtaking view of LA.

The floor plan shows full details of how the rooms are spread out. 20

The home comes fully equipped with a family room, a den, a walk-in closet, and a home office. We know for sure Kylie has big plans for that closet.