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Marc Anthony is salsa royalty, and he deserves to live as such. The "Vivir Mi Vida" singer recently purchased a massive 12-bedroom mansion in Coral Gables, Florida, and let's just say it looks like a palace. The Grammy winner bought the Mediterranean style home at a whopping $19 million, according to the Miami Herald

The purchase broke the record for the highest price ever paid for a single-family home in the area, which makes us very proud of the Latino superstar. The price tag seems almost like chump change for someone as successful as Marc, who's had such a long career, spanning almost three decades. He also tours a lot so the man has earned the right to call a place this beautiful his home. 

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The property is absolutely stunning on the outside, and aside from having a dozen bedrooms, it also boasts 15 bathrooms, three kitchens, an elevator, a boat dock and separate quarters for staff and guests. The estate sits on a total of 1.3 acres, has 480 feet of water frontage and 20,546 square feet of living space inside. Marc got his new digs from Bacardi heiress Hilda Maria Bacardi, the great-great-granddaughter of the original Bacardi founder, Facundo Bacardi.

Marc will be able to store his boats right behind his home and set sail right on the Biscayne Bay. The house sits on a corner, which will allow the singer and his guests plenty of privacy--especially when enjoying the stunning pool and jacuzzi area. 

The home was sold by Douglas Elliman Real Estate and one look at the photos they have of the home on their website will make you want to pack your bags and move to Florida. Maybe Marc will let a few people stay in one of the many bedrooms in his new home. Scroll through to see just how beautiful Marc Anthony's new mansion is, inside and out. 

Gallery done in collaboration with Alfonso Duro.

The estate is gigantic and fit for a king. 1

Marc will be able to park his boats right outside on his very own dock. 


This view shows how massive the space truly is. 2

His kids, Max and Emme, are going to love this!


This living room has so much space. 3

The cream and white interior of the home is perfect for a Florida home.

Look how gorgeous the pool area is! 4

This looks like the scene out of a music video and we wouldn't be surprised if Marc shoots one of his videos here. 


This is a more laid back living space. 5

It's the perfect room for a movie night with the kids.


The backyard is stunning. 6

One step outside and you'll feel like you're vacationing somewhere in Europe.


There's even a space for those who aren't sun lovers. 7

The backyard might be the best part about this mansion.

The kitchen is an absolute dream. 8

The stove, the floor, the island and the wood cabinets make this kitchen so gorgeous, warm and inviting.  


This bedroom is fit for a king. 9

The bedroom is surrounded by windows and that huge bed looks tiny because of how large the bedroom is. #Goals.

This bathroom is the size of most people's apartments. 10

That large bathtub right in the center of the room is making us want to jump right in.


We can only imagine all the food that will be prepared here. 11

And we hope most of it is Puerto Rican!

There's so much greenery in the back of the house. 12

This is perfect for the kids to go out and play in.


The exterior is absolutely gorgeous. 13

The home, which is located in Cocoplum neighborhood, is just two miles away from where Alex Rodriguez lives. That is convenient since Marc coparents his twins with ex, Jennifer Lopez, who is currently dating the former baseball player.

Who needs a garage this large? 14

Although it is absolutely beautiful, what's the point of having so much space just for cars? Unless, of course, you have a lot of cars.


Everything looks so elegant inside. 15

The wood details on the door frames make the home look classy and timeless. 

The jacuzzi is just as beautiful. 16

Marc has options in his new house of either taking a splash in the pool or relaxing in the hot tub. Such a hard decision for the crooner to make...


Every room in the house is beautifully decorated. 17

Marc will most likely put his own spin on the decor but it is already so pretty.

This is the perfect place to entertain guests. 18

This is the ideal space for BBQs with the kids and the family. 


Marc's little corner of the world is massive. 19

It is unbelievable just how huge the singer's estate is. 

This arial view of the house is fascinating. 20

This lets you see just how much land Marc's new property has.