Sofia Vergara/Instagram

Sofia Vergara and her husband, Joe Manganiello, have gotten themselves an incredible beach house on an island. The beautiful place not only boasts amazing views of miles of white sand and the bluest of oceans, but even has its own name, Casa Chipi Chipi. Sofia shares many pics from the paradise location on her social media often. We don't know exactly where it is, but it looks to be somewhere in the Caribbean, on white-sand beaches--and it's very luxe. All the pics from inside seem to be from the set of some elaborate magazine photo shoot. But they're not, they're Sofia and Joe's home.

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The gorgeous couple have been visiting Casa Chipi Chipi since 2017, and have taken trips there alone and with family and friends. The Colombian star likes it so much that has been generous with her Instagram posts. The name that Sofia has christened her beautiful beach home seems to be a little Colombian joke, since it's actually the name of a hostel in the heart of Cartagena's walled city. The hostel itself is very cute, but it's no mansion.

Knowing as we know Sofía Vergara's love for decor and gorgeous tablescapes, it's not surprising that her home away from home is filled with beautiful furniture, relaxing spaces and amazing entertaining areas. Check out all our pics for a glimpse inside the beautiful home away from home of one of our favorite Latina stars and her family. You HAVE to see this slice of paradise.

Casa Chipi Chipi is a beautiful property right on the beach. 1

It has two floors and several porches and terraces, which is ideal to unwind and have fun.


The entrance from the beach side is gorgeous. 2

It's possibly the main door, since you can only reach Casa Chipi Chipi by boat or seaplane. 


This is how they get there! 3

Not too shabby! 

The view from the living room is nothing short of divine. 4

No wonder Sofía Vergara and her friends look so relaxed. This image was taken during a break with the girls.


It has a beautiful porch. 5

But not even the gorgeous vaulted ceiling can compete with the view. It must be amazing to sit down and chat or have a drink there, feeling the ocean breeze.


All the doors open to let the breeze pass through. 6

Joe Manganiello got it right. It looks like the best place to take a nap.


It's filled with cozy seating arrangements. 7

It's easy to imagine people reading, playing games, having great conversations, or just feeling some love!

The outside areas are incredible. 8

Sofía Vergara and Joe Manganiello rang the new year here. This photo was taken on January 2, 2018.


The dining room is connected to the living space. 9

While the beach vibe is obvious, it's not overdone. The blonde woods and the white touches go great with the sea shells and other accessories.

It also has an outdoor dining area. 10

And in true Sofía Vergara style, the tablescape is spectacular, even for a dinner between friends at the beach.


During the day, the outdoor dining area in the terrace is a great place to play board games. 11

Just imagine how much fun you can have there?

Of course Sofía Vergara and Joe Manganiello have to exercise all the time. 12

"Out of all of the gyms, in all of the cities, in all of the countries across the world that I’ve ever trained in... this one has the best view. No contest," the actor wrote. He's right!


This is another one of the terraces. 13

Sofía Vergara has invited family and friends to enjoy Casa Chipi Chipi with her. Here she is with her nephew Rafi.

Bicycles and golf carts are the main form of transportation in the island. 14

Sofía Vergara has an adult tricycle. How fun!


Imagine waking up to this view! 15

It's easy to understand why Sofía Vergara is spending so much time there.