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Ever since Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon called it quits, Mariah hasn't committed to buying a place in Los Angeles. Instead, she's been keeping her options open and renting a variety of places to call home for a minute or two, and Variety is reporting that she is at it again. This time she's renting a gorgeous Beverly Hills mansion that not so long ago was being rented by Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill.

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It was reported that when Nicki Minaj was renting the place, she paid $35,000 a month for it. It appears that Mariah might be paying more because the most current listing was asking for $37,000 a month. Let's see what Mariah is getting for that kind of money, shall we? 

Welcome to Mariah's Mediterranean digs in L.A.! 1

The 10,337 square foot home is in a zippy zipcode: 90210, baby! Standing tall at two stories, the house is within a gated community and has gorgeous views all the way around. 


Such a Mariah-worthy staircase. 2

Can't you just see Mariah saying, "they told me there would be tea" as she slowly makes her way down those stairs wearing something slinky? 


Bathrooms worthy of a bathing beauty. 3

If you've ever peeped Mimi's Instagram, you may have noticed that she is rather fond of taking baths, alone or accompanied. From the looks of it, this rental has some lovely bathing options available for the superstar. 

This bathtub is exquisite. 4

You would think the main draw to this bathroom is this gloriously elegant and yet simple bathtub, but there's more. 


Because what's a bath without a view? 5

That window, that view, that tub! Heaven, absolute heaven. 

The joint has lots of fireplaces. 6

Believe it or not, this mansion has six fireplaces. 


See, here's another fireplace. 7

Not sure why a home in Los Angeles, where it's pretty much warm year-round, needs so many fireplaces, but they are pretty. 

Will Mariah wear a bikini while lounging by one of the many fireplaces? 8

Asking because Mariah has been known to take pictures of herself wearing a bikini while in the snow. Wearing a bikini while sitting by a fireplace makes about as much sense, so why not? 


There's a library for story time. 9

Mariah's twins were born in 2011, which means they are still at that age where they love getting books read to them. This library with yet another fireplace would be the perfect place to snuggle up and read to them. 

The kitchen is huge and inviting. 10

The kitchen has a great island where Mariah and dem babies, Roc and Roe, can enjoy breakfast together. 


The outdoors beckons. 11

Can't you just see this area set up with some lovely outdoor furniture and umbrellas? That view is aching to be seen. 

These windows should be bigger. 12

Not to criticize the place or anything, but with views like this why aren't the windows in this room bigger? Seems like such a waste. 


View after view. 13

The views from this home truly are part of the allure. 

No street parking for Mimi. 14

Oh, just in case you were worried about Mariah having to find street parking, fret not. As you can see, her rental has space for multiple vehicles. Some of us are lucky to have a garage, others are blessed to have a motor-court with a five-car garage.