A look inside Chicago West's nursery & how much Kim Kardashian has splurged

What Kim Kardashian splurged on for Chicago West's nursery room.
Kylie Jenner/YouTube

We were pretty excited when Kim Kardashian decided to finally reveal a photo of her beautiful baby girl, Chicago West. Now she's sharing tips on how she chose to decorate her new child's nursery room and giving us the inside scoop on the products she bought for it. But brace yourself because none of these pieces are cheap!

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Considering how chic and minimalist Kim Kardashian and Kanye's aesthetic is, it doesn't surprise me that they'd go all out on modern furniture and accessories for Chicago's nursey room. In fact, all the pieces are unique in their own right. Kim opted for a transparent crib, which she admits is the same one she used for both North and Saint. Even the rocker she went for, looked like something that belongs in a modern art museum. 

The crib is probably my favorite.

I love the less-is-more philosophy behind this design and, apparently, it’s also good for the environment. According to the site, it contains materials that are 100 percent recyclable and non-toxic acrylic. Pretty awesome, no? It cost $4,500, though. 


She added a dope chair in there, perfect for breastfeeding moments.

It cost $1,495 BUT apparently it’s more than just stylish. The site’s description emphasizes how “incredibly comfortable” this chair is designed to be. It features smooth gliding motion and a lumbar pillow for lower back, neck, and elbow support. 


The cloud rocker is adorable and not too pricey.

For Kim Kardashian buying, $575 for a rocker isn’t the worst. Think rocking horse but instead a cloud with a much more minimal and polished aesthetic. I just love the idea of riding a cloud versus a horse!

The rug is obnoxiously expensive.

Kim went for the Mortiz Matterhorn Genuine Shearling Area Rug by Calvin Klein that ranges from $1,599 to $5,399. I’m sure there are cheaper versions of this out there. 


The Jenny Walker Modern Gen Bassinet is adorable.

The coolest thing about this bassinet, is that it’s designed to reuse and repurpose as a storage container. That way you’re not beating yourself for spending $1,900 on this thing. 

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