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Self-professed warlock with tiger blood and Adonis DNA, not to mention one-time star of Two and a Half Men, Charlie Sheen is selling his gorgeous Mediterranean-style mansion in the exclusive Mulholland Estates located in Beverly Hills, California for a mere $9,999,999. But what exactly will that chunk of change buy you? 

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Pues, given the actor's reputation of being a bad boy gone off the rails with a penchant for ladies, you might be expecting velvet paintings of dogs playing poker or at least decor inspired by the Playboy Mansion. But, nope. The place is rather tasteful with hardly a trace of velvet. 

Come take a virtual stroll through the gorgeous home.

It's not a small place. 1

The home, located at 14003 Aubrey Road in the famous 90210 zip code,  measures in at 8,932 square feet. 


It's not a warlock's kitchen, but it's still nice. 2

The two-story, single family home has a chef's kitchen with top-of-the line appliances. 


The dining room is flooded with natural light. 3

Look at all that light streaming into the dining room from the outdoors. Given that sunshine is not rare in L.A., this is a great way to take advantage of all those rays. 

The living room is very spacious. 4

Aside from being man-sprawl-friendly, the living room boasts one of the home's two fireplaces. 


There are plenty of places to chill. 5

If you don't feel like hanging out in the living room, there are tons of other places to lounge about indoors and out. 

There are plenty of bedrooms. 6

The home has seven bedrooms, which means there's tons of space for overnight guests. All the bedrooms have their own charm, but the master bedroom is considered the star of the home because it has its own screening room, wet bar, living room, oversized closet and bathroom. 


Drinks, anyone? 7

This looks like it might be the wet bar and screening room in the master bedroom that the property listing describes. 

So many bathrooms. 8

Aside from having seven bedrooms, the home also has seven full bathrooms. 


Not all of the decor is elegant and understated. 9

There is some whimsy to be found in the place like in this spacey room. 

Upstairs bonus room. 10

There's an extra room upstairs that Charlie has been using as a gym, but it could easily be used as a home office, too. 


One of the two swimming pools. 11

The property has two swimming pools to choose from, this one is the lap pool. 

Finally, some velvet! 12

You knew there has to be some kind of red velvet decor in the home and you'll find it in the screening room. 


Outdoor kitchen to die for. 13

It would be a shame to be rich, live in an L.A. mansion and not have a top of the line outdoor kitchen. I mean what would the neighbors think? 

A proper pool. 14

Lap pools are great for exercise, but a man with a bad boy rep needs a proper pool to entertain his lady friends, don't you think? 


A sizable outdoor area. 15

The inside of the home is lovely and so is the outdoors. It's the kind of home that you could see yourself strolling in and out of all day to take advantage of all the outdoor amenities. 

Peek-a-boo, I see a view. 16

The home, built in 1992, has lovely peek-a-boo views of the city. Charlie bought it back in 2006 for $7.2 million. Let's not forget that Charlie's life hasn't been all fun, games and mansion living. In 2015 he went public about his HIV-positive status. Still it looks like he's been doing alright for himself and if he gets the $9.9 million he's asking for, then he will come out of the deal #winning.