Kris Jenner's new $9.9 million Hidden Hills mansion is perfect

Kris Jenner buys new mansion

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This has been a busy real estate year for the Kardashians. Just last month Kim Kardashian and Kanye West sold their Bel Air mansion for $17.8 million and now we're learning that Kris Jenner just bought a $9.9 million home right across the street from where Kim and Kanye live now. Apparently her new pad is huge!

Kris' new place is massive. It features 9,400 square feet of residence on a 55,757 square-foot lot. The home includes everything from six bedrooms and seven bathrooms. It's a pretty big home to say the least but Kris' family also keeps growing. She has six kids, six grandchildren and apparently three more on the way.

Here's a look at Kris' impressive new crib!

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We still can’t get over how much land she’s getting.

The new Hidden Hills Mansion is literally in the hills surrounded by trees. 


The house features a lot of floor to ceiling windows.

Kim and Kanye are fans of these kinds of windows too. Their last home featured them. 


We wonder if Kim and Kanye helped her design it.

It has a very modern and contemporary feel. 

We love the minimal feel of it all.

The dining room light fixtures look like they were suggested by Kanye. 


The kitchen is clean and chic.

We love the combination of white marble and light wood cabinets. 

She has two dining areas.

It's perfect for Kris to host a large family dinner.


The window behind the kitchen one is everything.

Just look at that view!

We’re going to assume this is the family room.

Because it looks so comfy and cozy. 


Even the bedrooms have massive windows.

We’re thinking the windows might have been the selling point for Kris. 

This bathroom looks like a spa.

Imagine soaking in that tub with that view of the outdoors?


Here’s a better look at the tub.

Because it’s everything. 

Her closet is basically its own room.

But we don’t expect less from the fabulous Kris Jenner.


This bedroom has a massive window and a couch.

Enough said. 

We don’t know what we love more about this room.

That gorgeous bed or that gorgeous view?


This patio area looks like a resort.

We can’t over how gorgeous the greenery around the house is.


The entertainment room is practically a private movie theater.

We’re guessing this is where everyone will be when they come visit Kris. 


Of course there’s an outdoor pool.

The home wouldn’t be complete without one, right?

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