Juan Gabriel
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Juan Gabriel's former Las Vegas mansion is on the market once again and the asking price is $4 million. So now, anyone with that amount available to them can own the house that once belonged to the late Mexican singer, who was one of the most popular and beloved Latin American stars of all times. 

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The property sits on a 114-acre site. It has a main house that's shaped in a U, a duplex and two other buildings that have living space. The 23,000 square foot property has at least 18 bedrooms and with bathrooms.

The mansion belonged to Juan Gabriel until 2014, when real estate investor Jane Popple paid $850,000 for it. Now, three years and $2 million in restorations later, the house is back on the market and you have to see the photos.  


The mansion is located on Pinto Lane in Las Vegas' Historic District. 1

This is one of the most exclusive areas in Las vegas, where other famous celebrities, politicians and athletes own homes. 


Besides the main home, the property has a duplex and two other buildings. 2

As you can see, the property is huge. 


The current owner bought the property in 2014 and spent $2 million restoring it. 3

This image shows one of the rooms inside this enormous mansion. 

One of the main attractions of this home is a private night club in the basement. 4

The furniture in the nightclub, which the late singer had custom made, has been refurbished. "I kept his colors he used (red, purple and black) as a dedication to him and wanted to keep something that was pure Juan Gabriel," said the current owner, real estate investor Jane Popple.


The passageway that leads to the nightclub looks like taken from a movie scene. 5

"The Juan Gabriel mansion was rumored to be one of the most exotic and flamboyant estates in the historic celebrity district of Las Vegas," said Heather Neuwirth of Nevada Desert Realty. "Then next-door neighbor Michael Jackson would regularly drop by to celebrate, and they hosted many parties together."

If you have $4 million you can own this breathtaking mansion and throw the most fabulous parties in it. 6

The house went up for auction the weekend of November 25 in Las Vegas. However, it did not sell because the reservation bid was set at $3.9 million and the highest bid offered was $2.8 million.



The mansion also includes a 1950s-themed diner with a commercial kitchen. 7

Can you imagine having a restaurant inside your house? Well, Juan Gabriel had his own private diner in the basement of this Las Vegas mansion and it was all red and white. When restoring this space, the current owner kept the original colors. "I did the restaurant in the same colors too because of who he was. I redid the commercial kitchen, and it’s working beautifully", she said. 



The kitchen is a dream come true for anyone who likes to cook. 8

The kitchen features brand new high-end appliances, lots of counter space and a spacious island. 


The master bedroom has a spa room. 9

The main bedroom in the house is as big as a New York City apartment. 

The mansion has not one but two pools, and a jacuzzi. 10

One is a wading pool for kids.


There is also an area for grilling. 11

The perfect place to enjoy an outdoor dinner with family and friends. 


This is the game room, which is located in the main house. 12

There is a pool table in the middle, but the room is so big that the possibilities are endless. 


Every piece of furniture is as luxurious as the house itself. 13

The house includes original Picasso, Salvador Dalí and Monet's paintings that once belonged to the beloved Divo de Juárez.

Juan Gabriel wanted a Hispanic family to be the next owners of this home. 14

A close friend Juan Gabriel told EFE that the singer once told him that his dream was for a Hispanic family to be the next owners of this home. 


Although it is really hot in Vegas, this mansion features an elegant fireplace. 15

The house has various living rooms. The new owner also gets to keep some of the late singer's memorabilia. 

Who wouldn't want a dining room like this one to offer the most fabulous dinners. 16

The mansion even comes with a safe that belonged to Juan Gabriel. 


The main house also has a private spa. 17

This house has just about every feature anyone would want in a house. 

The property has 18 rooms, each with its own bathroom. 18

Yes, each bedroom has its own bathroom. And, as you can see, the rooms are simply beautiful. 


There is space for the in-laws. 19

The duplex is not as luxurious as the main house, but it offers  a comfortable living space, where friends and family can stay. 

The value of the property has tripled in three years. 20

The property has been appraised at $3.9 million and the current owner is not willing to sell it for a dollar less. And, after seeing these pictures and knowing that this place is full of things that belonged to Juan Gabriel, one can definitely tell it is well worth that amount.