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Jennifer Lopez was nice enough to share her gorgeous brunch table with us recently. There are so many amazing ideas to steal, that once we saw the photo we went hunting for ways to get the fabulous look.

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Boy did we score! We found similar chairs, napkins, dishes and even flowers. You can bet that on Sunday our table will look a lot like this one.

Simply follow these instructions and have fun getting whatever you need to recreate J.Lo's glam and fresh tablescape.

Jennifer Lopez's table is pretty perfect. 1

From the plates, the napkins and, obviously, the food. According from most of the comments, everything looks so inviting, that everybody wanted to be there. Starting with us, of course. And who doesn't want their guests to have that feeling. Here is what you have to do to get the same feel.




Let's start with the flowers. Yellow roses are perfect for a brunch. 2

Let's start with the flowers. Yellow roses are perfect for a brunch.


Yellow roses are perfect for a brunch.They symbolize friendship and joyful times, perfect for the occasion. You can find them at most flower shops.


Placemats are perfect when you don't want to deal with the hassle of taking care of a tablecloth. 3

Jennifer Lopez chose gorgeous white ones, that give her tablescape a sense of freshness and airiness.

You can buy a set of six at Target for $29.99.

Silverware has that name for a reason. 4

We've been using silver utensils for centuries, but lately this gold trend has been taking hold. While matched with other colors can feel luxurious and even a bit decadent. You can buy a set similar to J.Lo's for $54.50 on Amazon.


A white china set makes your table looks amazing and J.Lo knows it. 5

As you saw in the photo, it can be accessorized to adapt it to any theme or season. You can get this one for $69.99 at Target.



Don't forget the bubbly. 6

Jennifer offered her guests both regular champagne, perfect for mimosas, and the popular rosé version. J.Lo, of course, has French brand Veuve Clicquot. You can buy it for $49.97 at Plum Market.


The wine glasses are not quite traditional. 7

But not too out there either. If you want to hunt down similar ones, Google "white tulip glasses." You can also buy some for  $13,95 at Crate&Barrel.

The fall leaves gives the table a cute touch. 8

You can get them, even if you can't pick them up outside your door. A package of 300 artificial maple leaves cost $7.99 in Amazon.


The white and gold napkin is so glam. 9

But it's also fun. Love it. You can buy a set of four for $34.95 at Zazzle. But if cloth napkins are not your thing, there is also a similar paper set at Target for $3.95. Just be aware that the gorgeous folding style is not possible with paper.

The food is also important. 10

Our Puerto Rican diva served scrambled eggs, salmon, turkey, bacon and other delicious dishes, like mini crepes and what it looks like apple turnovers. Yum!


And those chairs. 11

I have no idea how much Jennifer Lopez paid for her chairs, but I bet is way more than the $164.44 for these on Houzz. If your budget is limited, you can keep your current ones as side chairs, and just have two as hostess chairs.

Sometimes it's all about the fold. 12

I'm talking about the napkin, of course. I must confess, though, that I could not find instructions on how to get the one on J.Lo's table, but here is a bunch of ideas in case you want to have some fun with your cloth napkins.


If you want to recreate Jennifer's tablescape for any event at home. 13

If you want to recreate Jennifer's tablescape for any event at home.

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Remember that what's important are the basic elements. You can change the food, the accessories (like the leaves and the napkins) and the flowers. The rest is pretty neutral and will work great all throughout the year and on any occasion.