The holiday season is not only the most wonderful time of the year, but also the most beautiful. I'm not only talking about our outfits, which are usually gorgeous, but about our homes. We deck the halls, the front door, the living room and even the bathrooms to get them ready for family and friends.

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Of course, we all want our homes to stand out and, believe it or not, it's not that hard. Just follow this simple ideas and you won't believe how many people will congratulate for how beautiful everything looks.

It's not hard or expensive. I promise.

Choose a color scheme or a theme. 1

This makes your home look cohesive.



Set the tone starting with the front door. 2

You don't need to spend a lot, but whatever you do, be classy. I love this collections of wreaths. They are part of Joanna and Chip's collaboration with Target and it shows. Simple and beautiful.


The aroma of the holiday season is also important. 3

There are many ways to infuse the smells familiar with the end of the year celebrations. Candles, essential oils and live foliage.

A gorgeous table set will make look your dining room stunning. 4

Make sure you go for neutral pieces, peppered with the colors of your theme. Make it festive and elegant.


Make sure to include candles in your decor. 5

Put them inside some gorgeous lanterns and remember to light them up before receiving your guests. These ones are from Target. They are gorgeous and you can use them all year long.


Add some greenery. 6

Not only for the aroma but for the warmth. Bringing the outdoors in always make the rooms cozy and finished.


Give it a magic touch with lights. 7

Christmas lights always put everybody in a festive mood.

Upgrade your couch. 8

I'm not saying to run and get a new one, although if your couch looks old and you can afford it, well...great. But if that's not your case, this cover for $48.99 looks amazing.


Modernize your dinning room. 9

It's easy and not expensive at all. You can slipcover your chairs, or refinish them. If your table is not in good shape, you can sand it and paint it again, or invest in a pretty tablecloth to cover the damage.

Don't forget about the bathroom. 10

Add these accessories for a quick upgrade.


The area for your children should also have some holiday flair. 11

They can have their own little tree in the playroom. Just remember to use unbreakable ornaments.

Don't ignore the rest of the house. 12

You can decorate every room if you wish. I do.

Happy holidays!