Walter Mercado

The world's most famous--and eccentric--Latino astrologer, Walter Mercado, is moving from Miami to New York and given how small the homes are in the Big Apple, he is offering some of his treasures to the public through an online auction site. You have to see some of the goods the Puerto Rican astrologer has put up for sale. Would you put in a bid?

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Walter Mercado has always believed in the power of love. 1

So it seems fitting that he would have a huge life-size statue of Cupid among the more than 200 items he is offering in his estate sale.


He is also known for his extravagant taste. 2

This little table with elephant trunk legs is a small proof of that taste.


Indian god Ganesha is known as the remover of obstacles. 3

According to Wikipedia, he's also "the patron of arts and sciences and the  deva (Indian deity) of intellect and wisdom." Mercado has gone through a good share of problems in his life, including a very serious heart attack. He has an app, and other new ventures, maybe he credits Ganesha for all this ventures?

The objects for sale include some Catholic iconography. 4

Among it this painting of a young Virgin Mary.


This bust of Egyptian queen Nefertiti is beautiful. 5

It's one of the few things I can see in my home. 


There is some cute art. 6

This is one of them, although most of the items fall into the very thin line that separates vingage from plain old.


This antique clock could be expensive. 7

If it's authentic, of course.

The Howard Hughes autograph will set you back several thousands of dollars. 8

The Howard Hughes autograph will set you back several thousands of dollars.

Last year, a signed photo of the excentric millionaire was offered on public auction for $7,200.


This 19th Century bed must be unique. 9

And also expensive. A much less ornate one costs more than $1,600 on First Dibbs. I wonder why he is trying to get rid of it.

Of course, Walter Mercado has an astrological chart. 10

It comes with the territory. After all, he is the most famous astrologer in the Latino world.


Were you looking to get some capes and colorful suits? 11

I was, but it seems that he already got rid of all his famous clothing, since he is only offering two items in that department and they look like this. Do you think it's one of his outfits? I'm not sure.

If you or abuela are missing seeing him on TV 12

There is is grafitto drawing of Walter Mercado.


Here are all the details in case you want to drop by! 13

Once I hear what Walter Mercado is doing in New York, I will let you know, but until that, keep living your life con mucho, mucho amor.