If you spend hours decorating your Christmas tree and then wonder why it doesn't look like the ones in Pinterest or Instagram, I have news for you: The cutest ones were probably done by a professional decorator. That, and the people posting the images probably don't have toddlers or pets.

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If this doesn't ease your pain, take a look at these hilarious Christmas tree fails. I promise you will see yours with more forgiving eyes.

Don't forget that putting up a Christmas tree is a lot more than a decorating accomplishment. It represents the spirit and the generosity of the season, even when the tree looks terrible.


The width problem. 1

This one is common. You may get the height right, but it's hard to see how wide your tree is. Do you think they took it back? Can you even do that?


Your tree can also be too skinny. 2

"Not sure what happened to my Christmas tree, I was gone for only 2 days," wrote the owner on Instagram.


An ombré Christmas tree? 3

The owner asks herself. Of course, the problems are the lights, but it's okay to improvise.

This one is easy to fix. 4

Just get some shears man!


Well, this is one very sad looking tree. 5

Don't you think so?


This must've been done on purpose. 6

There is the upside down Christmas tree trend. Don't ask me why. I don't get it.


Somebody got home with no tree. 7

Can you imagine the surprise?

I just can't! 8

What's the point of putting this ugliness in your living room? Maybe it was chosen by the Grinch.


Cats are funny and mischievous, but this one took it too far. 9

Luckily, not many of them think they are birds and want to nest on the Christimas tree.

The ultimate fail. 10

And one of the hardest to fix, particularly if you have glass ornaments. It happened to me three times four years ago. Needless to say, I have only used non-glsss ornaments since then.


See what I mean about toddlers amd trees. 11

Many people build a barricade around the tree until the kids are old enough to understand what can happen if they touch it. Not this mom. Pobrecita.

Why did they even bother? 12

This is way worse than ignoring the holidays altogether.