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Kylie Jenner is turning into a real estate queen. The makeup mogul was just 18 years old when she bought a $6 million mansion in Hidden Hills, California in May 2016. So much has changed in her life, and now Kylie has finally said goodbye to the gorgeous home and sold it for $6.7 million. 

Although she made around a $700,000 profit, the home was only one of the several properties Kylie owns. The six-bedroom, seven-bath, 7,040-square-foot home sits on 4.5 acres of land that provides plenty of privacy, which was perfect for the famous family. 

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Her older brother, Rob Kardashian, has been living at the mansion for years following his split from ex-fiancée Blac Chyna. Kylie allowed her troubled brother to live there during his relationship with the model, as they welcomed daughter Dream in 2016. Now that the home has sold, he has reportedly been forced to move back in with mom Kris Jenner. As for Kylie, she currently living in the $12 million mansion she purchased in October 2016 and now shares it with her own daughter, Stormi Webster. 

It seems like other celebs like Kylie are in a hurry to sell their Hidden Hills houses since Demi Lovato also put her home up that's in the area up for sale. One look at the photos is enough to have us scratching our heads wondering why anyone would want to get rid of a place as beautiful as that. Not to mention, her colonial-style home is a dream! It has a spa and gym. Tour Kylie's old pad and try not to get too jealous of the new owners. 

This areal view of Kylie's old home shows how massive it is. 1

The one-story estate offers offers plenty of indoor sunlight and scenic views. Take a tour inside to see just how beautiful it really is. 


The exterior of the home is so beautiful. 2

We love the front area of the house. 


The Kardashian-Jenners surely do a phenomenal job at purchasing their homes. 3

The home is gorgeous but it also looks warm and inviting.

The entrance is so inviting. 4

The mansion has a traditional entrance to the Cape Cod-inspired home. 


The entryway is breathtaking. 5

Kylie's previous mansion was worth $2.7 million. Now this was definitely an upgrade! 


Kylie loves to cook so a big kitchen was necessary. 6

Kylie had a kitchen worth drooling over. She also had a refrigerated wine cellar where she could have hosted plenty of happy hours.


This is perfect for wine lovers. 7

There's a space under the staircase to store wine and that's enough reason to buy this home.

Kylie needed a large dining area since her friends are always at her home. 8

Kylie had a lovely dining area with plenty of natural light. It was a perfect place to host family dinners in style.


The fireplace and stunning wooden floors are a nice touch. 9

After a hectic day, the new owners can enjoy a peaceful fireplace view. What a lucky lady. 

We can't handle how pretty these bathrooms are. 10

The reality television star also had lavish stone bathrooms. Can this be our lives? 


This stone bath is another beauty. 11

How many selfies do you think Kylie took in this lovely bathroom? Plenty, I'm sure. 

We've seen inside Kylie's current closet, but this one was also worth seeing. 12

Her closet space was to die for! She had plenty of space for her designer looks. 


One of the upstairs bedrooms comes equipped with french doors that lead to a balcony. 13

Look at that stunning view.

The balcony view is remarkable. 14

Even the balcony views are breathtaking. 


Kylie loves cars, so we're sure she needed a huge garage. 15

Kylie loves cars, so we're sure she needed a huge garage.


This one had plenty of space.

Even her guests were living in style. 16

Even her guests were living in style.


While it's been a while since Kylie lived in this house, we're sure her friends and sisters took advantage of this room.


There is so much natural light and greenery coming through the windows. 17

This home was an ideal place to escape the spotlight.

There's also an outside grilling area. 18

We hope the new owners love some BBQ.


The pool is perfect for the California weather. 19

And the hot tub is perfect for any chilly night.

The home is surrounded by beautiful flowers and nature. 20

The new owners are definitely going to love their new home.