shoesMost of us have a major shoe addiction! We hoard them and rock our pairs with confidence, but organizing our shoe collection can be a challenge. If you have a shameful pile of shoes and no space for them, there are fun and creative ways to organize your shoe collection once and for all. Here are tips and tricks to try! 

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Image via Corbis

Shoe wheel storage 1

Shoe wheel storage

Image via Target

Get creative with your organizing! This shoe storage wheel (Target, $71) includes a pocket with an elastic band that secures each shoe in place. It spins so you can easily find the pair you need to rule the day! 


Shoe space saver 2

Shoe space saver

Image via Amazon

A shoe space saver (Amazon, $14.50) is a genius way to stack up your zapatos in a small area in your home. The only issue would be having more space to buy more shoes! 


Carousel organizer 3

Carousel organizer

Image via Amazon

If your shoe collection is spinning out of control (pun intended), go for a carousel organizer (Amazon, $14). It creates instant vertical storage for your shoes. 

Shoe cabinet 4

Shoe cabinet

Image via Ikea/Pinterest

A shoe cabinet (Ikea, $129) with hidden compartments will instantly take care of that shameful pile of high heels and sneakers! You can dedicate a compartment to each member of your family. 


Boot rack 5

Boot rack

Image via Target

Boots take up the most space in your shoe closet. This easy to assemble boot rack (Target, $50) is a must if you want to get your entire collection in order. 


Shoe chest 6

Shoe chest

Image via Living In A Shoe Box/Pinterest

Most likely, your kids have toy chests for their "treasures." Why shouldn't you get a chest for your precious shoes? A shoe chest (Overstock, $166) would hide your entire collection and give you an extra seating area.  


Shoe rack closet 7

Shoe rack closet

Image via Amazon

If you've maxed out the space in your closet, a shoe rack closet (Amazon, $30) is an easy and affordable way to expand your storage space. 

Shoe hangers 8

Shoe hangers

Image via My Life In The Curvy Lane/Pinterest

This DIY storage trick is the most cost effective way to get that shoe collection organized. Use clip hangers to get your lightweight shoes all in one place! 


Mounted shoe rack 9

Mounted shoe rack

Image via Amazon

A mounted shoe rack (Amazon, $17) is a fun and effortless way to tidy up your space. Simply remove the tape strip and position on the wall. 

Pocket organizer 10

Pocket organizer

Image via Amazon

A plastic pocket organizer (Amazon, $14) is often used for jewelry or other loose items, but shoes work, too! Clearly.