Ugly ornamentsThere are ugly Christmas ornaments ... and then there are the ones you are going to see in this slideshow. They are so bad that when you start setting up your tree you will feel so happy to see that regardless of your budget, your ornaments will never be that scary, except perhaps for that know what I'm talking about!!!

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Images via eBay

Santa Pickle 1

Santa Pickle

Image via Alisa V/Instagram


Dead fish 2

Dead fish

Image via eBay


Robust tiki lady 3

Robust tiki lady

Image via Ron310/Instagram

Bacon? For real? 4

Bacon? For real?

Image via eBay


Burger Christmas 5

Burger Christmas

Image via Armando Vega/Instagram

Hunting duck 6

Hunting duck

Image via eBay


Hot Lips Fish 7

Hot Lips Fish

Image via Angee Christina/Instagram

Zombie Yorkie 8

Zombie Yorkie

Image via Pendy16/Instagram


Cervesanta 9


Image via

Ugly fish 10

Ugly fish

Image via Mathew Robert/Instagram


Santauro 11


Imagen via

Weird sexy flamingo with a wig 12

Weird sexy flamingo with a wig

Image via Savanna Girourad/Instagram


Sexy horse 13

Sexy horse

Image via eBay

Crafting 14


Image via Jess Wang/Instagram


Perv Santa 15

Perv Santa

Image via Pinterest

Camo Rudolph 16

Camo Rudolph

Image via eBay


When pigs fly 17

When pigs fly

Image via Rachel B/Instagram

I have no idea what this thing is ... 18

I have no idea what this thing is ...

Image via Amazon


Santa borracho 19

Santa borracho

Image via EBay


Trapped alien 20

Trapped alien

Image via Linduh Penrose/IconoSquare