wine bottles Unlocking the potential of a used or recycle item has its benefits. Besides being cost effective, it's also an easy way to add a creative and elegant touch to your home. Wine bottles are the perfect pieces to make over once you've enjoyed their happy hour greatness. Whether it's a new centerpiece, garden accessory or candle holder, there are endless craft possibilities to transform empty bottles of vino and turn them into a work of art. Get inspired! 

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Image via Thinkstock

Spray paint 1

Spray paint

Image via Thinkstock

Empty wine bottles can serve as beautiful vases. I especially love the chic look of metallic hues and solids combined. All you'll need is colored spray paint, a paint brush and cardboard or newspaper to protect your design area. Start spraying from the top and work your way down to make sure it goes on evenly. 


Wrapped in twine 2

Wrapped in twine

Image via Her Campus

This DIY project can serve as elegant wedding centerpieces and they cost almost nothing at all! Once you have collected your empty wine bottles, you'll need twine, glue and added decorations of your liking. Rub glue on the bottle to help the twine stick and make sure to start from top to bottom. What a great idea! 


Hand painted olive oil bottle 3

Hand painted olive oil bottle

Image via Etsy

It's hard to believe that this beautiful festival and colorful olive oil bottle is actually made with an empty wine bottle! These are sold on Etsy, but it's easy to make your own at home. You can use wall paint as the base color and a very narrow thin brush to add the intricate details. These are a work of art. 

Candy holder 4

Candy holder

Image via Her Campus

The wine bottle may have started as a treat for yourself, but it can get passed down as one for the kiddies! A transparent wine bottle would be ideal for this project. Simply clean out, replace the label with a hand written one and add with your favorite tiny candy. 


Hanging planters 5

Hanging planters

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Decorate your front porch or backyard with this beautiful hanging planter made out of a recycled empty wine bottle. The basic supplies needed are duct tape, planting soil, twine and copper wire. The step-by-step details are easy and totally worth it. 


Chalkboard wine bottle 6

Chalkboard wine bottle

Image via Etsy

As long as you have you invest in chalk paint, you can go to town with this sweet DIY project found on Etsy. Just don't forget to pick up your chalk too! 


Glitter lamps 7

Glitter lamps

Image via Etsy

Adding a touch of sparkle to your home is easy with this DIY project. Take a clean wine bottle and start applying glue from top to bottom. Cover with glitter and let dry. You can then slip in holiday lights inside to add an extra spark! 

Colorful mosaic 8

Colorful mosaic

Image via Peter Konnecke/Flickr

Mosaic art is a great way to make the most out of recycled goods. The project takes work, but is definitely worth it. First, collect the broken pieces of glass or other materials you want to incorporate in your project. It's important for all of the pieces to be around the same size. Sketch out a design you want to follow on the wine bottle. Start gluing the pieces on the bottle, but make sure to leave room for the grout. After you apply grout and let sit for a few hours, make sure to wipe off with a damp cloth. 


Flower pot 9

Flower pot

Image via Etsy

These are some of the cutest flower pots I've ever seen! What a creative way to reuse an empty wine bottle. The project requires a glass cutter and blow torch to slice the bottle open. I would rather just purchase these and place them right in my home! 

A candle holder 10

A candle holder

Image via Pure Home

Wine bottles sliced in half make the perfect candle holder! You can make your own or purchase this adorable one made by Pure Home