throwing things out of wardrobeClutter sucks. I don't think anyone walks into any space and says, "Oh my gatos, it's so cluttered in here. I LOVE IT, it makes me feel so calm!" Nope, clutter has anything but a soothing effect. Clutter is an eyesore and gets in the way of efficiency. Personally it drives me batty and yet I am guilty of not letting go of things that might be useful someday. Well, I'm done with it. It's time to toss the clutter.

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Won't you join me? I promise it won't be painful; in fact I've put together a list of 10 things you can get rid of immediately with no guilt and no looking back.

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Old makeup 1

Old makeup

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Seriously, makeup is not meant to last forever and if you can't even remember when you got some of the makeup you have, then get rid of it before you develop a skin-eating disease.


Useless pens 2

Useless pens

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You know that pinche pluma with no ink that everyone keeps putting back instead of throwing it out? Throw it and all the other ink-less pens in your home away.


Condiment packages 3

Condiment packages

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All those condiment packets you've been saving for the zombie apocalypse have got to go! Unless they are Taco Bell hot sauce ones because I'll totally take those off your hands.

Plastic food containers 4

Plastic food containers

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Plastic food containers that you don't use because they are missing lids or you don't like them or for whatever other reason need to go bye-bye. They are just getting in the way of finding the containers you do like to use.


Electronic odds and ends 5

Electronic odds and ends

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All those electronic odds and ends that you hang on to because you don't know what they are for or if you will ever need them, if you haven't used them in a year, get rid of them--but don't put them in the garbage. Do a search for how to e-cycle in your area.


Socks with no pairs 6

Socks with no pairs

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Unless you like wearing mismatched socks, which is fine by me, then get rid of socks without their mate. Keep a basket with solo socks somewhere and if the mate has been MIA for a few months, say adios.


Old magazines 7

Old magazines

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If a magazine is more than a couple of months old, set it free! Recycle it, make a craft out of it, blow your nose with it, just admit you aren't going to read it.


Shoes that hurt 8

Shoes that hurt

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I don't care if they are cute. If they hurt, let them go. Unless you have someone who will carry you around while you wear them. You deserve cute shoes that don't hurt. You don't have to throw them away, you can hand them down to someone or give them to a thrift store.


Broken umbrellas 9

Broken umbrellas

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Do you even need a reason to get rid of these? Pointless! I mean you wouldn't keep a broken condom would you?

Junk in your junk drawer 10

Junk in your junk drawer

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Keep the tape, the flashlight and the scissors in your junk drawer, but get rid of just about everything else. Really, it's the place where junk goes to vacation before going to the trash.