5 Tips to keep your Christmas tree fresh through Three Kings Day


Nothing will ever convince me that a faux Christmas tree is as wonderful as a freshly cut one. To me the whole experience of going to pick out the yearly tree and bringing it home is a HUGE part of the holiday season and I want to experience that with my children. Fresh trees are awesome and smell fantastic, but they do present the challenge of keeping them fresh for an extended period of time. Especially if you like to keep your Christmas tree fresh all the way through January 6 for Día de los Reyes.


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Here are five tips for making your Christmas tree last longer:

1. Give it a fresh cut. Most places where you can buy fresh Christmas trees will do this for you. A fresh cut off of the base of the trunk makes it so that your tree can absorb water easily.
2. Keep it away from heat. You want to pick a spot away from heaters or heater vents in your home for your tree. Too much heat will dry out your tree.
3. Put the tree in a stand that holds about a gallon of water. Your tree needs a constant source of water or it's not gonna last.
4. Make sure the base of the trunk is in water at all times. If the base of the tree trunk dries out, resin forms on it and your tree will whither away because it won't be able to soak up any more water.
5. Use small lights. Remember those big Christmas lights that used to be popular with our abuelos? Those burn too hot and dry out your tree. Small Christmas lights give off less heat, which is better for your tree.

Check out the video below where all these simple and useful tips came from:

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