It's Christmas crafting time! Don't be shy. I've got some great Christmas crafts to share with you and you can thank my kids for them. My children bring out the crafty in me, and I will be forever grateful. I think there is a crafter inside all of us, but some of chose not to listen to the soft creative voice from within whispering, "Make something pretty. Haz algo bonito. Put some glitter on something for crying out loud!" Mamá, it's time to unleash the crafty beast in us all and get our DIY on for the holidays.

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Here are 9 Christmas crafts that will inspire you to unleash the merry-ho-ho-ho crafting maven within you!

Snowflakes are so easy to make. 1

My daughters and I made these snowflakes out of empty toilet paper rolls. They make for great holiday decorations.


Make wreaths with inexpensive materials. 2

You can also make wreaths out of empty toilet paper rolls and spray paint them any color you like.


The cutest sock snowman. 3

I don't even want to show my kids this Olaf sock snowman craft until I have all the items we need to make it because I know they'll want it immediately. I just don't think it will be as cute if we make it with old dingy socks instead of crisp new white ones.

Reindeer lollipops, 'cause why not? 4

How much fun will your kids have making these Reindeer Chuppa Chups and how much more fun will they have giving them out to their friends?


How cute are these Santa cups? 5

Isn't this Santa belt cup craft the cutest? I love it and want to make some of these jolly cups for every party in December.


Beaded candy canes for the holiday spirit. 6

This little beaded candy cane craft is perfect for kids developing their fine motor skills. The best part is that you can hang them on the tree as ornaments or gift them to abuelos and such and the kids are so proud of their creations.


How about making some Grinch pills? 7

These DIY Grinch pills (no prescription necessary) crack me up and make for such clever little gifts or stocking stuffers.

String cheese snowmen warm my heart. 8

These string cheese snowmen make me want to cackle with delight. I want to make them the next time I'm in charge of snacks at my kid's school. So clever!