demi lovatoIf you can afford an $8,200 mortgage, then you can upgrade and move into Demi Lovato's mansion in Los Angeles. The lavish Mediterranean-style house worth $2.2 million comes complete with six bedrooms, seven bathrooms, spa, pool, family room and a kitchen fit for a celeb chef. The 22-year-old star reportedly rented the Toluca Lake property for two years. She was definitely living large in this giant casa!   

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Demi lived in the house for a short period before heading to a sober living house when she was 17 years old. While some reports claimed that she listed the house for a fourth time without catching any buyers, the pop singer quickly slammed the chismes.

She confirmed on Twitter that she was simply a renter for the property and actually didn't own it. Imagine renting something like this as a teen! Even the rent for this space must have been very hefty.   

Check out photos of Demi Lovato's former L.A. mansion!

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The entrance 1

The entrance

Image via Zillow

The lovely house on 10503 Whipple St. originally sold for $1.5 million back in 2011. With that grand entrance, no wonder the property value has gone up! 


The kitchen 2

The kitchen

Image via Zillow

The lavish kitchen is spacious and covered in marble and wood. This would be a dream for hosting family dinners! Beautiful. 


The living room 3

The living room

Image via Zillow

The sitting room area has plenty of natural light and tall ceilings. The light and airy ambiance is just perfection, but adding a fireplace in the center just seals the deal! 

The bathroom 4

The bathroom

Image via Zillow

Destressing in this giant marble tub would be amazing! I would have a Pretty Woman moment everyday--especially when it's also complete with a spa. 


The dining room 5

The dining room

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I really hope Demi made use of this dining room during her stay because it's perfection. The natural light and spacious room make for a beautiful layout for family dinners. 

The balcony 6

The balcony

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Once upstairs, guests are greeted by a detailed balcony with delicate designs. The view must be breathtaking too!


The master bedroom 7

The master bedroom

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This master bedroom is fit for a queen! The crown moldings and wooden furniture go perfectly with the classic look of the house. 

The guest room 8

The guest room

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I doubt Demi's friends were in a rush to leave this sort of place! This is one of the five guest bedrooms in the house. Yes, please?


The pool 9

The pool

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Taking a dip in your backyard would be pretty sweet in this space. The mountain views will be even nicer in your bikini. 

The poolside 10

The poolside

Image via Zillow

This home will feel more like a getaway with all of these beautiful amentities! Can we move in now?