6 Easy bathroom updates anyone can do

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The bathroom is arguably one of the rooms in a home that becomes the biggest eyesore when it's in need of an update. Unfortunately, bathroom renovations are notoriously time-consuming and budget-busting, which means outdated bathrooms tend to stick around longer than most people would like. But, there are actually quite a few things you can do to instantly update your bathrooms on the cheap. Keep reading to find out some of our favorites.


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Paint everything. Just about any bathroom surface can be refreshed with a couple coats of paint. Of course, there's tons you can do with the walls with fresh new paint, but you can also cover up those avocado-colored shower tiles with tile paint and even brighten up floor grout with grout paint. And of course, you can paint your vanity to instantly update and personalize it.

Change hardware. New knobs, drawer pulls, towel racks and faucets can make a world of a difference in the overall look and feel of your bathroom, and can be installed affordably in a short amount of time.

Replace the toilet. Toilets get a lot of use, and can get grungy after years and years of use no matter how diligent you are about cleaning them. And, while sinks, tubs and showers can generally be refinished with epoxy paint, toilets can't be. But these days, there are tons of affordable and eco-friendly commodes to choose from.

New linens. One of the easiest ways to modernize and customize your bathroom is to purchase new linens. A matching set of plush towels and a pretty shower curtain and bathmat will cheer you up every time you look at them.

Add a statement piece. Make your space truly yours by selecting one item--a mirror, a light fixture, a piece of art--that you absolutely adore and splurge on it. It will become a focal point in the room and add lots of wow factor.

Accessorize. The little things are what pull a look together. Whether you prefer matchy, matchy or more of an eclectic feel, things like your soap dispenser, candles, and other knick knacks are the things that will make your bathroom feel cozy. Be selective about what you display to create a cohesive but natural vibe.

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