Do you enjoy receiving a flurry of holiday cards, but hate the cluttered mess they create? Consider making them a part of your holiday décor! Holiday card displays are as easy to make as they are fun to create--especially if you're crafting them with your very own little helpers.

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With the holidays around the corner, it's only a matter of time before the first few cards start trickling in. So hurry up and start making your displays now, before you're buried in an avalanche of your family's and friends' holiday cheer. Here are 12 cute and crafty ideas to get you started.


Put them in a pretty frame. 1

This picture perfect card display is easy to assemble AND it can be repurposed to display family photos, collages, and honey-do lists throughout the rest of the year.


They look so cute In a crafty book log. 2

Go green this Christmas and upcycle an old book by bending back the pages to create this cute and crafty yuletide card log.


Shutter slats are perfect for holding different sized cards during the holidays. 3

And when the holiday season is over, you can continue using them as a kitschy incoming mail station, or you could just hang them on your windows.

You can hang them off branches. 4

The more trees, the merrier! Have your kids collect branches from the yard for this rustic card tree.


Decorate by putting them in front of a mirror. 5

It doesn’t get any easier than this! String yarn or twill across a wall-mounted mirror, then attach cards using clothes pins. Voilà! You have an easy (and totally FREE) card display.


Put them on hangers for a cheap and easy solution. 6

You already have all of the materials, now you just have to put them together. Arrange hangers on the wall in the shape of a tree (or star, if you like) and clip cards on using clothes or safety pins.


If you like one card in particular, put a cloche on it! 7

The bell-shaped glass can be reused again and again, to display photos, trinkets and tchotchkes. It’s definitely a worthwhile addition to your home décor.

If you have a ladder, put it to use! 8

Hang cards off the rungs, along with a few stockings!


The banister can be prime real estate for those holiday cards. 9

Make use of that garland you have wrapped around your banister and hang cards off of it using ribbons and yarn.

Frame chicken wire and go to town pinning various cards, photos and wreaths to your creation. 10

Put it in your home office and repurpose it as a vision board after the holidays.


Hang them on a garland. 11

Hosting a holiday party? Display your guests’ cards in garland hung around a door frame at the entrance of your home. It’ll make them feel extra special.

No tree? No problem. 12

Start building a tree out of cards as they roll in. By time the big day rolls around, you’ll have a tree so big, there’s no way Santa will miss it.