Bright idea for decorating inside your home this Christmas

Christmas is around the corner. Friends and family are coming to visit you to celebrate this special holiday season, so we are going to give you an idea to decorate the interior of your house and make everybody feel welcome. What about a Holiday Lighted Marquee? With a positive message and ready to use next year and the one after that. 


The word that we are going to write on the marquee is "Joy." This marquee is an easy and fun project. It's the perfect size, has lights that will illuminate your living room with a universal family message, and is going to leave your family and friends with a good feeling.

You will need some tools, wood and of course a string of 25 battery-operated Christmas lights. You can find everything at your closest Home Depot. It's also very important to paint the marquee. For that, we recommend BEHR® Premium Plus® paint and primer in one for the back of the marquee, and silver glitter paint for the front, so the lights make the marquee shine.

Remember, decorating the interior of your home is a tradition that can last forever and create a more positive and familial atmosphere. We invite you to see the video of this project, where you can find more details and precise instructions from beginning to end. Good luck and Merry Christmas!