Window treatment alternatives There is nothing wrong with covering your windows with good ol' drapes or curtains. Nothing wrong with it at all, but it's good to know that when it comes to window coverings, drapes or curtains are not your only options. In fact, there are even times when covering your windows with fabric might not be the best option like say when you want privacy, but you still want to let light in. I've put together a great roundup of window treatment alternatives for you to check out that are creative, beautiful and affordable.

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Click through these great window treatment options and get some ideas for giving the windows in your home new life.

Image via Corbis Images

Contact Paper 1

Contact Paper

Image via Poppy Juice

Check out this super easy tutorial for using adhesive clear liner paper to create a frosted patterened look on a window. This is a great way to create privacy while still letting natural light in.


Drop Cloth Curtains 2

Drop Cloth Curtains

Image via Remodelaholic

Curtains can get really pricey, but you can make your own drapes out of inexpensive drop cloth from your local hardware or home improvement store. If you are using them for a child's room, you can even have the child decorate them with drawings for a custom look.


Roman Shades 3

Roman Shades

Image via The Blind Alley

Roman shades are a sleek alternative to curtains and some have the added benefit of being able to open from the top down or from the bottom up.

Shutters 4


Image via Thinkstock

I don't think that shutters will ever go out of style. I love the way they look and how they filter light into a room.


Lace Window Treatment with Cornflour 5

Lace Window Treatment with Cornflour

Image via Annabel Vita

I'm blown away by how easy it is to apply lace directly onto your windows using cornflour. The results are so lovely.


Cut-out Window Covering 6

Cut-out Window Covering

Image via Hutch Studio

Can you believe that this cut out window covering is made from quilter's batting? You can try your hand at creating your own pattern or you can buy a pattern to make a cut out window covering.


Fabric Covered Roller Shade 7

Roller shades are an inexpensive yet somewhat boring option when it comes to window treatments. Fortunately, you can easily cover a roller shade with fabric to make it beautiful.

Window Film 8

Window Film

Image via Improvements

There are window films designed solely for the purpose of covering your windows and they are gorgeous!


Glass Frosting Spray 9

Glass Frosting Spray

Image via Remove and Replace

This gorgeous window design was made with glass frosting spray and tape. And yes, you are totally capable of recreating it!

Pillow Case Valance 10

Pillow Case Valance

Image via Beneath My Heart

This valance is made out of a pillow case, requires no sewing and takes about five minutes to make. It doesn't get any easier and the results are adorable.