8 Genius ways to maximize space at home



Why is it that no matter how much storage space you have at home, you eventually hit a moment when you have more stuff than you know what to do with? That's when you have to start getting creative and look to unexpected ways to maximize the space you do have. Below, eight simple ways that you can make the most of your storage space at home.

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  1. Use the inside of cabinet and closet doors by screwing in hooks or installing over-the-door mini racks if you don't want make holes in your cupboards. You can hang utensils, supplies, and other equipment to clear up space within the cabinet.
  2. Throw away any unnecessary packaging from toiletries and supplies bought in bulk so your closets look tidier and less cramped.
  3. Place a lazy Susan inside your cupboard so you can always get to your spices, bottles, and ingredients tucked all the way in the back.
  4. If you have any awkward spaces in your home (think space between the fridge and wall), then make yourself a pull-out shelf that can house cans and jars of non-perishable food items. You can also create built-in shelving into wall nooks to clear out that clunky bookshelf and open up your living space or use the dead space underneath a staircase to tuck in a customized shelving unit.
  5. Separate your wardrobe into winter and summer gear and store away the set you're not currently using in a bin or a vacuum sealed storage bag. That'll give you so much more room to work with. Just be careful not to spend the entire season filling it back up with new outfits.
  6. Buy double duty furniture that acts as storage space like ottomans with lids, sofa beds, couches with drawers underneath, and benches with cubby holes.
  7. Clear up counterspace by hanging supplies or wine glasses from the bottoms of your cupboards.
  8. Go for height. Instead of sprawling out your furniture and home decor, go for taller objects that make use of the space up above. It'll make your home seem more spacious by drawing the eyes towards the ceiling and clearing up floor space and grant you storage space you couldn't access before. Use this new space to store away things you don't need to access regularly and invest in a step stool to get to any hard-to-reach items.

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